Since 9-11, the search has been ongoing for enemy agents that have gotten past US security and into the country. It seems that the authorities have been looking in the wrong places. It is starting to be apparent that many of the insurgents may be posing as reporters.

Could it be that Al Qaeda now controls the news networks? With a barrage of anti-American military journalism not seen since the Vietnam War, the media seems intent on the destruction of their country and the sabotage of any success whatsoever for President George. W. Bush., all under the guise of fair reporting.

Fair reporting would report both sides of the story, but it is apparent that the right side of the story doesn’t surface until the side that is reported is discredited. That is not how it is supposed to happen.

While we are not Americans, we should be concerned at the implications of having an Islamic nation to the south of us. What will the implications be, and will we lose access to America’s famous outlet malls? Will Wal-mart be disbanded?

In a pleasant turn of events, the soldier chosen by the media as scapegoat last year when he was filmed shooting a downed insurgent during a raid will not be facing a court martial. NBC ran the story after it captured the events on video, which later produced an outcry by the anti-military establishment. I wonder how many of these reporters have ever seen combat? I can tell you right now that if I had been in that situation, I would have acted the same, as would most. The thought of a combatant faking injury, only to roll over and start shooting, doesn’t appeal to me. I am probably correct that this soldier acted as he was trained to. He was fully intending to return home alive after his tour.

The media, through the negativity it is generating, is implicit in contributing to the death of American armed service men. It is the media and the liberals who are creating the climate of uncertainty in an environment where second thinking gets you killed, and American soldiers are being killed. The media is also bringing the morale of the soldiers down, as they perceive no support coming their way. What some in the press are doing should be considered giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Muslims across the world were outraged when media reports of the Koran being abused were released. The story was later repealed as false, but not before some had lost their lives. Meanwhile, the American flag was spit on, copies of the Constitution burned in protest. Why is the media not furiously demanding an apology from the muslim nations involved with the same phony moral outrage they used against American soldiers?

Whenever their is a protest against the ‘American occupation’ the media is there, but where are the comments by pro-American forces who ask them to stay? Were the Americans to pull their troops out now, all would go to hell in a hand basket there, and the left knows it. Then they could accuse George W. Bush of making the same mistake his father did, that is leaving before the job is done.

Guantanamo Bay. Where to start. When the media reported last week that American soldiers were pouring water over the heads of detainees, I almost laughed, as I thought it was a joke. My first thought was that at least they still had their heads. The only pictures of Guantanamo we are ever shown are the enemy combatants being held in pens. Then there is the liberal Senator from Illinois who likened the soldiers at Guantanamo to nazis or Soviet gulag chieftains . Does this man know anything about WWII? Has he ever read what was done to Russian dissidents in the gulags? Is he mad? It goes to show you how out of touch the left has gotten.

There are those who insist that this is an illegal war. Wasn’t the permit issued? I guess they didn’t wait for the 90 day post unprovoked-attack waiting period. It is unfathomable to us north of the border to understand the American response, as it has been so long since we even supported our own military or sovereignty. We can’t even protect the Grand Banks fish stocks from French and Spanish fishermen.

It is shameful and disgusting the lengths at which some in the media and indeed, even in congress, will go to make its own soldiers look evil in the hopes of toppling the man who is waging the war against the unseen evil that is threatening us all. Shameful indeed.

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