While Remembrance Day is still in the minds of many of us, talk in the media and in private conversations has been swirling around the issue of a winter election and the chances of it happening around Christmas time. There is a question swirling around my head that I can’t seem to find an answer to. Many are expressing their distaste and dissatisfaction at the thought of a December election. The nagging question I keep asking myself is “What is the big deal, people?”

I have voted in every single election that I have been legally eligible to vote in. I solemnly give thanks each November for those who have died for my freedoms, and one of those is the freedom to vote on those who will lead our country. It is not only a hard fought right, it is also a responsibility that each of us must embrace, and is also a way to show true thanks for those who gave everything so that we would still have that freedom. I don’t just stick on a poppy to feel good about myself. I actually give it some thought. If you have never watched a wartime documentary, do yourself the favour and find one. The sight of soldiers freezing to death in trenches because of the cold and because of a lack of proper equipment due to chronic shortages that come with war makes me stop whining almost immediately. As Canadians, we are a spoiled lot. Imagine having to put on our coats and boots and having to spend a whole 2 minutes putting an X on a piece of paper. No one has ever had it as tough as we do.

It saddens me to read newspaper accounts, to watch the news and listen to those around me complain about the thought of having to vote in December. It makes quite a statement for us to be more concerned with having to put forth a little extra effort than we are over the state of affairs concerning this country’s governance or lack thereof. Personally, I wish that the vote was tomorrow, because I don’t think I can wait much longer.

For those of you who indeed got out to take in a Remembrance Day ceremony or watched one on television, stop complaining at the prospect of a winter election. At least you aren’t digging a hole in frozen ground in a forest somewhere in France. Honour the dead, and those who are still with us. Help our democracy flourish. Educate yourself in the politics of the land. Learn what each leader wants for us, or of us. And for the love of our veterans, get out and vote.

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