I don’t know if I am turning into a prude, but I don’t believe so. Is it just me, or do some of our kids need a lesson in modesty? I am amazed at how small some of the articles of clothing are becoming on some of our children, and to be fair, it isn’t always their fault.

Anyone with children going back to school can appreciate how hard it is to buy clothing. The kids get pickier and the pickings get slimmer. I have often wondered, though, if the designers aren’t a little deviant. How else can you explain some of the clothing? I mean, who actually makes clothes for an 8 year old that is going to make her look like a street walker? I watched a young girl walk past me in the mall yesterday and I was shocked to see the letters B.A.B.E. stencilled across her buttocks. This girl was no older than 10. Why is it that clothing manufacturers feel it necessary to draw attention to the rear of a little child? Is it just me, or is this not a little sick?

I remember an outing with my kids last year. They were in dire need of some t-shirts. Being picky like I am, I tried to find some blank ones. I think that they have stopped making them as they are almost impossible to find. Wal-mart finally came through. I believe strongly that too much emphasis is placed on fashion in our children’s world, so I try to go plain, but it is getting harder to find clothing without someone else’s choice of logo or wording.

Hip hugging jeans. What a revolution. A little word of advice to all you parents who wish to have your kids look very cheap. If you can see the pelvic line, they are WAY too short. Not only is it unsightly, but what kind of message do you give your daughters?

I was talking to a lady in the store the other day about this very thing. I watched as she picked up one article of clothing after another, only to set each of them aside. Her daughter looked so frustrated, but to her credit, she respected her mother’s desire to have her look respectable. They eventually checked out with a shirt. It was going to be a long shopping day for those two I would think.

It has amazed me that this niche hasn’t been met. Maybe someone could come out with a custom line of clothing they could call ‘Modesty’. To all you budding fashion students out there, a free tip, no royalties necessary. Just let me know where I can buy some. If anyone out there knows of a decent place to buy clothes that actually cover our daughters dignity, please let me know via email.

As for the boys, I’m not even going to go there. Besides, those jeans with the crotch that drags on the sidewalk always make me laugh, and who can’t use a little humour in their day?

One more free word of advice: If you are any older than 8, hide your navel, because that tummy roll is truly not as beautiful as you imagine it is. Please ladies!

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