Watching the goings on in Ottawa the last couple of weeks has left me wishing I had a pair of opera glasses.

The final act was the vote on Bill 38, legalizing gay marriage. As I have previously stated, I don’t know why anyone is surprised. After watching a spring voting session that could make anyone nauseous, no one can be sure that any of our political parties wanted to bring down the Liberal government. Each party, even the Conservatives, had the chance to bring the government down, but chose not to.

On March 9, 2005, the Conservatives could have defeated Paul Martin et al by voting against the budget but abstained, thereby alienating the parties base and giving him a free ride, a ride which would come back to haunt them . On numerous other confidence votes, the Conservatives made sure that there were enough MP’s absent from votes in March, so as not to defeat the government.

Shortly after, the Liberals added a Kyoto provision to the budget implementation bill, and all three opposition parties vowed to vote against the budget for one reason or another. This time the NDP balked, and blackmailed the Liberals for support of the bill.

Who can forget May 19th, as two independents make statements of their own and prop up the most corrupt government in Canadian history that we know of.

We also have the Liberal MP’s who voted against Bill 38. This was nothing more of a charade, an act to pull the wool over the eyes of their constituents. You gotta hand it to this bunch, they have every angle covered. 30 Liberal MP’s, the most notable being Joe Comuzzi of Thunder Bay-Superior North, made melodramatic speeches and curtain calls as they claimed to vote their conscience. What a phony bunch indeed. If any of these men were truly against this law, they would have voted down the budget to stop it, as that was guaranteed to be successful. I don’t believe that any of these MP’s truly wanted this bill not to pass. They were well aware that the Bloc and NDP were going to vote in favor of it, and did the numbers themselves. They knew that their votes against Bill 38 would have no affect on the Liberal government, and never intended to prevent its passage. Truly men of conscience. They may, however, receive Oscars from the Academy of Performing Arts.

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