I visited the Liberals’ website today, and it is clear that their main priority is to push ahead with poll after poll showing that Canadians want a universal daycare system. Hogwash. If Canadians were so determined to have free babysitting, they would have elected the Liberals again. They chose not to. They chose to watch their own children.

What we are seeing is a mass hysteria being fabricated from places where it is apparently much more important to have ‘things’ as opposed to raising our next generation. To today’s parents, or many of them, it seems that children are no longer a blessing to fill our houses with laughter, but are simply little bobbles to show off to our friends. Any thought of sacrifice to give them what they truly need is abhorred and more often than not, we treat them as burdens.

I found myself getting angry today while I read the tripe that the Liberals keep shoveling forth. If I believed the studies and propaganda, I would be angry at the majority of Canadian mothers who appear to be intent on farming out not only their children, but also their parental responsibilities. If I didn’t believe it, I would be angry with the Liberals who are engaged in an all-out battle to pen our kids into little childcare centres under the guise of something wonderful.

Fortunately for my sanity, I choose not to believe that Canadian parents are that selfish; at least I pray that they are not. That leaves an organized drive by the opposition Liberals to forge a socialistic nanny state where the government not only teaches our children how to be good little liberal citizens and that dictates where we can or cannot obtain a band-aid, but now they wish to assist some parents in the abdication of the basest of parental responsibilities; that being the nurturing process.

If you vehemently disagree with me, that is just fine. My guess is you are too wrapped up in what you want to have to really give any other point of view any serious consideration. My justification for making such bold and accusatory statements? If someone like myself, without a post-secondary education can find a way to struggle, scrape and save enough to raise my own large family, pay all of the bills, and feed them on top of that, then there is absolutely no reason that anyone cannot afford to keep one parent in the home to raise their children.

One of the biggest arguments to my viewpoint comes in this form: “While people like you (meaning me) choose to have only one income, some mothers choose to have a life and career.

I can’t tell you how many times I have had that one thrown at me. However, it simply lends support to my strident opposition to a nanny state. My reply to those who use this reasoning is simply that if they choose to have a career, then they should choose one that will allow them to hire a qualified child care professional at their own expense, not at mine.

There is also this one. “You have struggled for years on one income. I don’t want to live like that.” My response? Simple. “Neither did I”. My wife and I made the decision to have children, thus we decided to raise them. Since we did not have a three-digit income, it was rough. It is called sacrifice and my precious kids were worth every struggle and then some. As well, hard the times that we have had to endure together have solidified our union. We are a close family and will stay that way.

While it would have been great to have had yet another government program to make our life easier, it was simply not the way we would have wanted it to be. My wife and I firmly believe that we are responsible for our children’s care. That includes their supervision. We calculated what we would need to do to provide these things ourselves, as we felt that we had no right to ask every other Canadian to give us a part of their hard earned paycheque to pay for decisions that we had willingly made, and that is all a universal daycare program would do. It would extract payment from everyone to assist those who have decided to have children. Why do we feel that we have that right?

The Liberal plan for daycare is a blanket one. That means the wealthy, and I mean the truly wealthy, will also be able to utilize this system. It also means that the habitually lazy whose sole career is to have more babies will also be able to utilize this system. Say what you want about that statement, but I have seen such people in my own community while growing up and still see them today, and you know that I am telling the truth because you have seen them to.

A huge concern to many that I talk to about this behemoth is that those who already grab a ride on our coat tails will simply be able to further desert their responsibilities and that is a valid fear. There is never much political will to tell those who wish not to work that they can’t have something. For some reason we feel that they are deserving of every plum that there is and never consider that perhaps we should require some effort on their part.

That may sound harsh and uncompassionate, but let me make it clear that I do not condemn all who have made a mistake in life or have made a few poor choices. I have made some of my own as well. But if some (and there are many) decide that it is a viable career path, then we ought to shake them out of the social safety net. So far, I have never seen a liberal program that tackled this issue, nor do I believe that I ever will. The Liberal daycare platform has so far not addressed this opportunity for abuse.

If perhaps we could find a way to ensure that only those who work can take advantage of this overly generous program, then perhaps it would gain the further public support which it needs to gain government support. Also, there are many single parents who would be able to use daycare support to re-enter the workforce, and this is a very positive step, but we can alleviate their hardship in other ways instead of an all-encompassing monster program.

If and when the Liberals ever get a mandate to once again rule our nation, you can be assured that Canada will have yet one more sink hole in which to flush its financial resources. It will be there for all and will simply be abused like all of our other wide open social programs. It will further encourage Canadians to dump their own children off on somebody else’s step, and will further serve to erode our society as the next generation becomes even more detached. It will mesh nicely with all of the other over-generous self-defeating all-encompassing liberal social programs that have failed miserably before it.

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