Discrimination is a word that is heard very often in Canada, and it is always used with a negative connotation. We hear it and immediately think of a racial incident, or some other form of anti-social behavior.

It is one of those keywords that some elements like to throw at their opponents, hoping they will immediately silence themselves and cower from the accusation. I am sure that all of you have seen this situation.

Having said all of that, I must say that I find it peculiar. While I find racism very distasteful and without justification, as we are all created equal, I do however find discrimination a totally honest and natural trait. Racism and discrimination are always shown in the same light, but they are very different. Racism is always wrong, but discrimination is totally necessary. Read on and I’ll explain.

Discrimination has nothing to do with race, gender, choice of orientation, etc. It is simply the choosing of one over another. My kids asked me the other day which of them could go to the store with me. I chose the child whom has gone with me the least amount of times this month. I discriminated against the rest. You see, if you chose one, you are being discriminate.

When you purchased your vehicle, you discriminated. You ultimately chose one over the others. If you have daughters, and they have multiple suitors, believe me, unless you are a truly poor parent, you will discriminate immediately. You will chose one over the others for various reasons.

The problems with discrimination lie in the reasons for your decisions. If you discriminate based on race, that isn’t discrimination, it is racism. If you discriminate based on sex, that is sexism, not discrimination.

When one person gets an employment position, and another does not, that is discrimination and it is a natural process. Two people cannot get the same position, and one will win out. Some people just have trouble accepting it, and start to cry out.

It makes me wonder why more people don’t question the media, and the way that they throw these words around. If the public doesn’t pick it up, shouldn’t the teachers in our centers of higher learning pick it up? Why do they not question it? It seems that the media has no checks and balances, and that is not good. There was a time when wiser individuals would have called them on the misuse of terms, and on misinformation, but that is seldom the case now.

So the next time you hear someone accused of discrimination, decide whether it was a good thing, or not.

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