The Middle East is at a precipice. Will the region slide further into anarchy or will the hostilities come to a close soon? Regardless of the answer, there will be no peace in the Middle East in our time.

I say that because of the political machinations of so many men and women and so many nations. It is obvious that there is a large group of people who simply don’t understand the nature of radical terrorist cells operating under the guise of religion. Do I wish to see war in the Middle East? Of course not. But simply allowing terrorism to continue unanswered and unabated is even less palatable.

With calls by the United Nations and the European Union howling for diplomacy, it is evident that they are ill-equipped to deal with the present situation. Few nations, among them the United States, Canada, and Great Britain, understand the nature of the beast which has come up against us.

Diplomacy is a worthwhile goal, but can only be achieved when both sides are intent on making it work. In the case of the Middle East, as with many other geopolitical regions, muslim extremists have no use for diplomacy lest it buys them time to regroup or if it fits into their plans. They wield diplomacy as a tool to defeat their enemies. They have no honour.

Think about the trouble spots around the globe today.

There is of course Gaza. That piece of real estate is ruled by a party of muslims not willing to allow diplomacy to work. In fact, they and their backers in Iran and Syria are intent to ensure that it fails. Lebanon is also ruled by muslims who are intent on maiming and killing innocent Israeli’s. Their erroneous moral logic tells them that there are no innocent Jews.

Many of the former Soviet republics are now hotbeds of Islamic fundamentalism where so-called muslims are intent on usurping the power from the people and where the warlords thrive on violence, hatred, and blood. Chechnya and Belarus are two examples. (Remember how we used to plead with the Russians for restraint when they attempted to crush the Chechen muslim terror network? That led to the massacre of school children later on by those same terrorists.)

Somalia and particularly the Mogadishu region are now under the control of Taliban like muslim forces, intent on applying Sharia law there. Sharia is the muslim law that, along with many other rules, sees women cover their faces and disallows them from obtaining an education. It also gives women second-rate status and little or no human rights. Up to 2 million people have been killed or displaced during 14 years of bloody fighting between factions vying to rule what is left. Somalia and parts of Ethiopia could become the next Taliban training ground, replacing the current one in Afghanistan.

Iraq is embroiled in a civil war that has yet to be declared as Sunni and Shia muslims begin a bloodletting that has been brewing for decades. With the death toll mounting daily and with open murder in the streets and abductions rampant, it is only a matter of time until Iraq becomes yet another region that is dominated or involves muslims which is an active war zone.

Afghanistan. With the newly elected government of Afghanistan trying to finally pull its nation out of its despondent condition, several factions including the muslim Taliban are determined to see that it never happens.

In Indonesia, after the enormous tsunami in 2004 which claimed an untold number of souls, rescuers were hampered because of civil strife in Banda Aceh. As is the case in several other cities and provinces within Indonesia, muslim militias are battling for control of the region. In Aceh, Sharia law is now vigorously enforced. A once secular nation is slowly being strangled by Taliban like forces as Sharia spreads from Aceh to surrounding communities.

The Philippines is in conflict as muslim rebel groups, including the Abu Sayaf Group, seek autonomy from the mainly Christian nation. They intend to succeed by using terror and are closely linked to Al-Qaeda.

In Spain, muslims detonated several bombs on commuter trains, derailing the government three days before national elections and succeeded in weakening the resolve of Spaniards in their fight on terrorism. The new Spanish government folded like a deck of cards and pulled its troops out of Iraq, sending a clear message to muslims that bombing trains in Spain is an effective tactic.

July, 2005 found the world watching as London, England met the same fate. Fortunately for Londoners, their leadership was much more stoic and simply became further resolved to eradicate the fundamentalism sweeping the globe.

Earlier this year, India was rocked by numerous blasts on its busy train network which left more than 200 dead. Again, credit was given to those who claim to be faithfully muslim but are simply unlike those who have attempted to tyrannize us in times past. They are pure evil.

All of these conflicts have several things in common with the Israel-Lebanon-Syria-Palestinian conflict now unfolding. They all involve muslim aggressors intent on settling their outrageous demands and land claims with the utmost violence and with the greatest amount of bloodshed possible. They are all intent on imposing their will and that of their false god on everyone whom they do not see the need to murder; and they are all unwilling to end hostilities unless it suits their own goal. They have no respect for life, not even their own, and they hate their enemies more than they love their own children.

There is no diplomacy for this network that now has global implications. Their mind is trained on one prize and one prize only; victory whatever the cost.

It sounds to me, when I listen to the opposition parties in the West or to the European Union, that the muslims are the only side intent on such a victory. It seems that the rest of us have become somewhat blinded to what war is for and what its purpose is.

I would love to live in a world where war was non-existent. Those who wear reality blockers believe that if all men were simply willing to forsake war, then that goal would be attainable. I agree. However, not all men are willing now nor will they ever be unanimous in that regard. As a result, those of us who cherish our rights and freedoms and the sovereignty of our nations must be willing to shed blood also. It is a horrific statement, but war is a necessary tool. Democracy and freedom cannot exist without it. Not on planet Earth.

As long as there are those of us who remain free, there will be those who wish to place their yoke upon us. They will attempt to do this through political means, economic means, and even terrorism and war at times. We must find the courage and the stomach to answer their call to arms by engaging them and defeating them.

Diplomacy? That is a great tool when your enemy is honorable and diplomatic, but ours is not. There were those in the past who preached diplomacy. They were even able to encourage our enemies to sign non-aggression treaties and pacts. Our enemies never attended to abide by those pacts, but that fact seems to have been lost on some.

Those who proclaim the right to murder in the name of their false god are anything but honorable and are beyond the reach of diplomacy. They are simply evil and must be stopped. Only the truly foolish could miss something so obvious.

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