The latest word on Parliament Hill is that a free vote on the redefinition of marriage will be very close. Some suggest that the yea’s will win, while others are as confident that the nay’s will prevail. To me, the bigger issue isn’t whether Canadians will vote for or against this travesty, it is whether or not our elected representatives are allowed to vote for what they truly believe is right. That, my friends, is freedom of the sort with which Canada started out. It has served us well, so well that we should not permit it to be set aside.

While many have labeled Stephen Harper with numerous unfavourable epithets, I commend him. It is about time that somebody took a stand for freedom. I am not talking about the freedom to do what one wants, but the freedom to do what one believes is right, even if it is contrary to public and popular opinion. That is what real leaders are made of.

There was a time when we embraced democracy. It is that very democracy that has given the homosexual movement the rights that it now enjoys, such as the right to organize, and the right to choose their own lifestyle and to lobby government. Why is it then that so many of those who espouse the wonders of freedom do not want to see an honest vote on the definition of marriage. By opposing a free vote, they are showing their true colors. They seek to oppress the very freedom and democracy that they attempt to disguise themselves in.

The Conservatives have a diverse base of supporters. Contrary to what those on the political left claim, the Conservatives embrace a wide range of people and beliefs. More so, in fact, than the other two major parties. Some of those people hold the traditional definition of marriage close to their hearts. Why is it that we can talk about tolerance but find it totally acceptable to treat those people with contempt and to ridicule their beliefs? Is that not the same behaviour that the homosexual community faced themselves?

Stephen Harper was elected to represent all Canadians, a fact that many have no problem declaring when it suits their own interests. On the flip side of that coin, Mr. Harper has a duty to represent those whose values are more traditional than those of other Canadians. It is for that reason that the Conservative government has pledged to challenge the undemocratic way in which the Liberals forced through the redefinition of marriage through our House of Commons. I say undemocratic because one man forced his will on many others in the vote on that bill.

Since we are a democracy, we should embrace such a move. Let the people’s representatives decide the issue, not just one man. The leaders of the opposition parties may still try and strongarm their MP’s, but at least they will have been given the chance to do what is right.

To be afraid of a free vote on any issue smacks of fear, a fear that popular opinion and a majority of Canadians do not hold the same views and values that you do. It is also a blatantly hypocritical stance to take up for a group of people that constantly label anyone with an opposing view as bigoted or intolerant.

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