I received an email from a distraught liberal on Wednesday that really summed up the entire leftist attitude in five short poorly formed sentences. Sometimes I receive a rebuttal or rebuke to some of my columns, and I simply realize that some will disagree with me, and I have no problem with that. What surprises me though is the outright hostility and palpable contempt that some in the crowd that calls for tolerance treat me with.

The letter in question started off with some name calling, not to me, but to Stephen Harper. The description used was hardly surprising. G. Dubya Harper. Obviously a liberal correspondent as they are the only ones who spell the letter “W” starting with a “D”. Now me, I’m not bitter, I simply find it amusing.

Sandi, the writer, quickly got into Mike Harris mode comparing Stephen Harper’s daycare plan with that of Mike Harris’s. It is a shame that some consider simple policy to be a plan. Stephen Harper does not have a daycare plan, nor should he. People who get married (or don’t) and procreate ought to be the ones with a daycare plan.

Take me, for instance. My wife and I decided to have a larger than average family. We have five children that we absolutely cherish. Before we decided that we had a ‘right’ to have our children, we considered the ‘responsibilities’ that would accompany that ‘decision.’ I am placing apostrophes around some of these words to point them out to the angry readers who seem compelled to continue to read this page.

Our ‘daycare plan’ was this: Raise our own children. That’s right, this is no typo. My wife and I decided that if we were going to have offspring, we should be able to care for them and that included their care twenty-four hours per day minus any required hospitalization. Not once did we consider into the equation the help of others nor the handouts of our government, federal or provincial. We simply considered our children our responsibility. I never once considered the financial burden or hardship they would bring because in my opinion children are never a burden, nor a hardship.

Before someone points out that we have many single parents out there, may I remind you that forever, there have been many single parents. While daycare may help some get a better job, I propose that we find a way to accommodate those on the dole who truly wish to further themselves and their children. I believe that there are many on welfare who would welcome such a thing. But to institute yet another far-reaching, all-encompassing, massive social program onto the backs of taxpayers is fundamentally wrong and flawed.

We do not need a blanket program that will include everyone who chooses to have a child. Canadian parents must start to make the decisions that are good for their children, not their own retirement aspirations. They must start to realize that there are more important things than a cottage, a boat, a second car. While all of these things are wonderful, they are not necessities, they are luxuries. As for the claim that both parents need to work, again, I strongly disagree. While a one income family WILL struggle, there was a time when families knew that hard times shared only served to make a family stronger. I can state that that is a truth, and I speak from experience.

Many consider a yearly holiday a right, as they do their widescreen televisions and BMW’s. We have forgotten the basics, one of those being the teaching of our own children about the facts of life, (and not the new ones, either), about self-respect, the golden rule and other simple social skills like respecting your elders.

We go out of our way in this society to not have to spend time with our children. It makes me wonder why so many people even still have them. They are not trophies, trinkets, or pets. They are our future. As such, you would think that we would be more willing to help them along, but instead, we are angry that the government, our fellow Canadians, won’t let them be shipped off to holding kennels throughout the day.

As for Stephen Harper’s daycare plan, again, he doesn’t have one. What he has is a policy. It states that we ought to care for our own, and to that, I say hallelujah!

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