Creative Ways to Make Money

Money makes the world go round. Quite literally. The best part about money though is that one doesn’t have to work at a 9 to 5 job to earn it. One can be creative and learn to have fun while making their millions.

Today’s youth look for passion when it comes to picking a job. They don’t necessarily look for work in the same sense that the older generation does. There are several non stressful and creative ways to earn a quick buck, the essence lies in short listing your interests and life’s aim to pick one that suits you from every angle. Also, if your aim is to make a lot of money in your career then there are certain routes / types of jobs to follow that will help you.

Many women who prefer to stay home and work flexible hours choose creative ways to make money because it’s convenient for them. They can manage their household chores, children and work commitments effectively and it helps them create a good balance. Here are a few of the creative ways to make money:

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Earn being a consultant

Creative Ways to Make MoneyIf there is any particular subject matter that you are extremely good at then you could work as a consultant in the field. Garner contacts and clients through professional networking websites and work as per your own schedule and fee structure. The best part about this structure is that you won’t have to report to anyone but yourself and you can set up your own home office which allows you a suitable environment to work.


Celebrity / Artist manager

If you happen to know someone who is a talented singer, performer, actor etc – it makes sense to work as their manager. You get flexible hours because work is primarily about getting screen tests, auditions, shows for your client. You could choose just a few performers and work with them.


Online seller

Creative Ways to Make MoneyIf you have a great eye for special things like house decor, special art works, music, etc then you could buy the items from various places and create your own online store. Act as the seller through your site and bid to sell your wares to a variety of clients across the world. Not only will this be interesting, it will be a fun way to earn a quick buck.


A barter tradesman

If you have a bunch of things that you know will sell in the real world market then set up a barter trade for yourself. Trade things like in the old days and earn a buck or two that way. Find partners who you can trade with to make it more interesting a concept and a successful one at that.


Freelance dancer / singer / actor on stage

Creative Ways to Make MoneyIf you have a talent for anything, use it to freelance. Get paid by the hour to freelance as a dancer, singer, actor on stage after hours. It will double your income or at least supplement it. And you will get a special kind of thrill out of earning money doing something you have a passion for.


Customized artist

There are several clients in the world who go to art galleries but never find the kind of art they would like to own. You can easily turn into a customized artist who creates the kind of art that customers want and dream of having. You can charge by the million for this and it will give you a special level of satisfaction especially if you like art.


Songwriter for newcomers

If you have a knack for writing, create musical poems and sell it to aspiring singers. If you don’t get the time, don’t target major music labels but target newcomers who are willing to sing anything that looks good till they make a name for themselves.


English / Foreign Language trainer

Creative Ways to Make MoneyIf you have a good grasp over English or any other language you can train students’ especially those aspiring to do their post graduate degrees because language skills count a great deal in their future.


Creative Stylist

If you have a keen sense of style and can help dress your peers, charge a fee to do just that! Turn into a hip stylist and enjoy making people look good. What’s great is that you can do this in your free time and over the weekends and pursue a full time job as well on the side.


Give your car on hire

Creative Ways to Make MoneyIf you only use your car for minimal number of hours per day then you could explore the option of giving it out on hire to others who need it more than you…charge as per the hour and get a quick buck on your already depreciating asset.


Aged person’s assistant

Aged people find it hard to perform the basic of daily activities. This makes it difficult for them to live a normal life. If you don’t mind old people and if you don’t mind working for them, become an assistant to them. Buy them their daily groceries, read to them or just accompany them for a stroll.