Cool Ways That Tell you How to get Laid in College

Welcome to the college life, surely to the most fun filled phase of the life. If like all freshers, how to get laid in college is the question buzzing in your mind then you are no exception. Firstly, let me guarantee you that everyone in the college gets laid.  You can even ask your seniors, only if they are friendly. For all those searching the perfect plan for your fancy dream project, this article is a sure shot assistance. In the following article we have listed some important steps that you need to follow in order to get laid in your college.

The first and the most important thing that you need to keep in mind are to take a good care of yourself. This includes managing your looks, health and general hygiene. This is certainly the must step in order to get laid at the college. Just think! Why will somebody prefer a person who stinks a lot? I guess no one, especially that sexy chick who is driving you nuts. So be sure that you wear stylish clothes and be the fashion statement of your college. Boost up your looks with a funky hairstyle and a cool tattoo.  Adding accessories like stylish watches, nice pair of sunglasses and trendy bracelets to your wardrobe is one essential component for your groovy looks.

The second step in your task of getting laid is to make friends at college. It’s not important that you make friends with girls immediately. You just need to keep a good social network of friends that can tell you each and every details going in the college. Start your friend circle with guys and gradually add girls to it. Most of the college hookups happen while people are drunk, so you need to plan parties and hangouts with your friends. Be dedicated for this and very soon you will find good rewards for your loyalty.  If you find it difficult to make friend you can always go for hobby classes where you will find more people like you. Moreover you can even join in the interests of the girl that you wish to get laid with.

Cool Ways That Tell you How to get Laid in College

Your attitude is the next that you need to keep in your mind in order to get laid at the college. Keep a cool attitude and make sure that you act too nervous in front of girls. Keeping a cocky attitude is something you need to remove from your personality. A guy with cocky or nervous approach is definitely what a girl looks for in a man. Make your attitude full of confidence and project it in whatever you do. Having the positive attitude in your personality will make you the guy leading the conversation and action in the parties or anywhere you go. Getting that attitude might take some time but once you have it there is no turning back for you. With the time you will get to know what kind of attitude is needed for the different strains of girls.

Now that you have the funky looks and the confident attitude, all you need is to have that killing smile on your face. Make sure that you have a smiling face and a happy go lucky attitude. Having a smile on your face is surely the projection of your confident attitude.  A girl will always pick a guy who will make her time a real fun time. Be sure that you look happy and more importantly you don’t overdo with this thing. Now that you are happy and have a smile on your face you need to follow the previous step in order to get laid at the college.

Making you the person to be with is surely the important step before you finally get laid in your college. For this thing you need to get crazy and try out new things with your friends in your college. Trying new things can make you feel nervous as there is a constant fear of getting a failure as a result. However, if you keep thinking about the consequences you will never be able to try out new crazy things. Try new ideas and I assure you that you will never regret being a part of an innovative thing. Don’t be among the crowd, be the one who attracts the crowd.  Make unpredictability your greatest asset and soon you will notice that more girls love to be around you.  All you need is to do random stuffs and in no time you will have crazy incidents to tell to your friends or girls.  Doing so will make you the master of your stories and will surely help you in getting laid.

Lastly, you need stop thinking and trying to get laid. If getting laid is the only question on your mind than there are greater chances of you getting nervous. A man with nervous attitude can never be popular candidates among the girls. All you need to have fun with girls and if something goes wrong make your next move.  Keep your mind filled with positive vibes because my friend there is plenty of fish in the ocean.