In an announcement that comes as no surprise to myself, Decima has released the results of a survey that indicates Canadians are happy with the current government. The Conservatives are now at 41%, 5 percentage points higher than their election results indicated on January 23, and above the margin of 40% which many believe to be the difference between a majority and minority government.

While politics has a way of being very unpredictable, there are no issues currently on the table that could affect the poll numbers in any significant direction. It seems that the PMO has been wise in vetting the statements of its MP’s, as there have not been as many verbal gaffes as in the past. As well, the current government has stayed on message, and has not been bullied into defaulting on any of their election promises.

The day after the election, there was no reversal as we saw in the last Ontario election. No excuses that the books were not honestly reflected, and no claims that our surpluses were not really there. All in all, we have gotten exactly what they were promised.

Canadians have finally had a chance to see for themselves that the years of doom saying by the Liberals was simply an attempt to fear monger. Since attaining power, the government has been quick and decisive on most issues. Canada finally has a leadership in Ottawa that is not afraid to lead. It has not ruled by the mood or opinion of the press, and has stuck to its guns on hot button issues such as childcare and taxation.

It has now been just over three months, and the Conservatives have revealed no sinister hidden agenda. Women still have the right to work and wear makeup, and the masses haven’t been herded into Saturday or Sunday services. There have been no forced conversions, and no military takeover of our cities. Really. I’m not making this up. (I don’t think that story will ever die.)

As well, our economy has not tanked and the sky has not fallen. What has happened is that the lies of the past regime have been exposed. Their dire predictions of catastrophe should we elect Stephen Harper have not come to fruition. (For those of you in college, that means they haven’t come true.)

The current controversy around the flag issue and the repatriation of our fallen heroes is pretty heated, but as one looks into the matter in any detail, we can see that it is being milked for as much political mileage as possible. Those who would use the blood of our soldiers for political gain will eventually pay for that.

All in all, it has been a great three months for Canada. We have regained our role of world leader under the Conservative Foreign Affairs Ministry, and accountability and justice legislation has been and will be shortly introduced. This will put an end to years of dithering and doing nothing.

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