I couldn’t help but snicker as word came out that the Ontario government was pondering a move that would regulate over the counter cold medicine in an attempt to quash the ever-increasing crystal meth plague that is creeping across the country. While I would be the first to jump on them for doing nothing, the thought of a new billion dollar nyquil registry was just too much. Have you ever had one of those smiles crack across your lips that you couldn’t stop? While a registry wasn’t suggested, it was a humorous thought.

Some of the steps that are being considered are to limit the sale of these products to pharmacies, and perhaps putting them behind the counter.

The federal government announced stricter penalties on producers of crystal meth on Thursday, increasing the maximum penalty from 10 years to life. That is a great step forward, but more is needed. What would be even better would be an increase in minimum sentences. As with all of our other legislation, increased maximums are useless when liberal pansy judges consider the offenders poor upbringing before considering the lives that have been ruined in the pursuit of a fast buck.

To give credit where it is due, for once our elected representatives are moving quickly to stop a growing problem instead of waiting too long to tackle the issue. It is a wonderful change of attitude, and will save countless individuals and families from the utter destruction of dependency on a monster such as crystal meth is.

Mr. Martin, keep moving to the right. I like it.

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