Anyone who was born in the late ’70’s or before can recall some of the hair-brained arguments that have taken place in this country. There have been debates on spanking our children, giving them rights which would usurp those of their parents, and then their were the few men who felt morally outraged that their parents had them circumcised as children.

Now I don’t know about you, but for a grown man to harbour feelings of abuse over something so ordinary strikes me as comical. I mean, do some guys walk around muttering to themselves about it? Makes you wonder, huh?

The left’s outrage grew to the point where some poor distraught males were comparing their trauma to that of young African girls who are maimed in traditional rituals. It must be noted that males who undergo circumcision are not prone to losing their sexual pleasures, or a lifetime of complications arising from it, women are.

Well, the voices of dissent grew louder, as weird issues usually find lots of company and support in Canada, until our fearless Ministry of Health buckled to the pressure(?) and delisted circumcision and forced those parents wishing to ‘butcher’ their children’s little manhood to pay for it themselves. It seems that this has been a rather poor decision, and one not based on factual information, but rather on emotion. I suppose we should just be happy that some irate judge somewhere didn’t want everyone to be just like him.

It turns out, though most rational men could have told you this, that circumcision has its usefulness. It seems that men who are snipped don’t get as many infections, as there is nowhere for the bacteria to breed. As well, as many in the health care field will be more than willing to share with you, many adults tire of the constant problems and resort to this procedure later in life which is very painful.

As of this week, there has been another finding. Senior researcher Bertran Auvert of the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research will announce at the International Aids Society meeting in Rio De Janeiro later this month what is common knowledge in the medical community. Circumcision is known to reduce the risk of contracting HIV through by a whopping 70%.

To put it better, non circumcision plays a major role in the spreading of HIV through .

While one can find many anti-circumcision sites on the web, there are also many in favor of it, and the medical data does not lie.

One thing is guaranteed. This will not be the last of the left’s ultra social political projects that will be proven wrong. It’s just so sad that it takes the amount of time and money that it does to reveal the truth that most of us already know. It is also sad that those who embrace them attain the positions of power that they do.

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