With Mr. Gomery finally handing down his first of two reports, it seems that what we believed to be true has been confirmed. Our country is being controlled by a machine that goes to the heart of our system, and one that has learned to use the country’s own finances to propagate itself. The corruption starts at the height of the Liberal party and works its way down. What a disgrace.

Mr. Chretien once said that he takes responsibility for the good things that happened in his government and the bad. Well, Jean Chretien, that would, by your own words, make you responsible for running the most corrupt political party to ever hold office in our land. That says a lot. What also says a lot is that many of the people you handpicked and endorsed are still in power today, and are still in control of our finances. The Liberal Party of Canada now has an image equivalent to what the Mafia used to hold. One can only imagine the backroom deals that we don’t yet know about.

If Canadians are outraged now, how would they feel if all of the corruption were to be shown? There are still many, many avenues to give money away through foundations and corporations, many out of the eyes of parliament’s scrutiny. Auditor Sheila Fraser warned about this practice being used by the government, but the last budget saw hundreds of millions more being funneled into them. As well, the EDC, or Export Development Canada, continues to loan $billions to foreign companies, so that they may purchase goods from firms, many of them Liberal friendly.

Mr. Martin says that he wants to be transparent. Well, Mr. Martin, if you do not move to immediately have all of these foundations made more accountable to the people who fund them, namely us, then it is transparently clear that you are a carbon copy of the last prime minister.

As for Mr. Chretien? He has just solidified his ‘legacy.’ Mr. Chretien, in my humble opinion, has just captured the #2 spot for worst Canadian Prime Minister in our 138 year history, right next to Pierre. Under Mr. Chretien’s watch, we had outrageous surpluses, which saw Ottawa hoarding the earnings of Canadians while the workers of our country struggled under massive debt loads. We saw the Quebec question gain even more question marks, with the prospect of another referendum on separation being given fuel by the corruption that has shamed Quebec and outraged its citizenry. Our armed forces can barely move, with leaky subs, deadly aircraft, and boats that can’t patrol the arctic in winter.

We saw our relationship with the United States, our biggest trading partner, become a fraction of what it was, with Liberal MP’s berating and insulting the leadership of that country. That brought our parliament to a new low. We can’t forget the $2 billion dollar gun registry that our criminals have decided to bypass, the spectre of marijuana being legalized, or an immigration nightmare that no one has the fortitude to tackle. The fact that our youth feel it is no use voting or participating in the political system falls on your lap as well. Corruption has that effect. And of course, we have Sponsorgate.

Did I miss anything? Oh, probably. Well done, Liberal Jean. It looks like the term “small town cheap” may stick.

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