I wrote earlier in the week about the cartoon of the false prophet Mohammed that some extremist muslims have used to whip their fellow cohorts up into a frenzy with. With the world’s press citing the anger over a few pictures that weren’t even drawn very well, I think that they miss the mark entirely.

Peter Worthington asked an interesting question this week in one of his columns, and I would like to ask it again. Doesn’t anybody find it strange that so many muslims just happen to have a Danish flag around the house? I mean, how many flags do you own? Could it be that these protests are being orchestrated? If so, then perhaps this is simply one more occasion for the czars of death to flex their muscle and unleash anarchy. How else would you explain the reaction over cartoons that are more than two months old? That’s right. These drawings are not recent, only the rhetoric and incitement is.

I have another question. If islam condemns the drawing of Mo, then what does it say about muslims killing muslims? Is that okay? Let’s put this into context.

Day after day we here of the massacre of muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The perpetrators? Not Christians, not Americans, and certainly not Danes. No, these heinous acts are committed by those who would praise allah. Their justification? Something that happened in the seventh century to cause a split amongst the Sunni and Shia muslims.

During a Shia holy festival in Pakistan on Wednesday, at least 27 people were butchered and 50 more were injured in a suicide bombing and the riots that ensued afterward. The attack happened as 300 celebrants left a mosque and were working their way through a bazaar. After the attack, angry worshippers (how is that for an oxymoron?) set fire to shops and cars, destroying 60% of the bazaar.

In Afghanistan, the same nonsense. Shia and Sunni muslims clashed in the city of Herat, throwing grenades and burning mosques. Why is there no international outrage happening there? I guess they can’t divide the West when it is their own doing the killings. You will hear no more about this, I can assure you, but can you imagine what we would have to listen to had the Americans burnt a mosque? The toll? 5 dead and 51 injured.

Last September in Iraq, insurgents targeted young men who were hopeful on becoming policemen in the new Iraq. On Tuesday, September 14, 2005, a car laden with artillery shells was blown up outside a compound where these men were waiting. The resulting explosion caused 47 deaths and wounded 114. Most of them, by the way, were muslim. That brought the death toll among only police recruits and officers to more than 700 since Saddam fell.

I think that the truth is a lot more transparent than many of us wish to recognize. There is a strong presence in the world’s muslim community of people who do not seek peace; not on our planet, anyway. Their objective is simple. To conquer. The easiest way to conquer is to divide. The easiest way to recruit the young minds is to keep them needy.

Perhaps if the muslims of the world want some respect, they should stop demanding it and start earning it. Acting like cold-blooded savages has never earned anyone an ounce of respect, especially in a society such as ours where people are allowed to talk about issues openly and honestly. And trust me, that is exactly what these extremists look like. There isn’t a news story regarding this issue that doesn’t have me shaking my head back and forth.

Our politicians are now measuring their comments regarding this newest inflammation carefully, lest their well meaning words are misconstrued and used as the excuse for more incendiary rhetoric and flame fanning. The rest of us, we simply say what is on our minds. Even that is raising the ire of some young Canadian muslims. To them I say, shame on you. The last time I looked, our country was a free country, with freedom of thought and expression, unlike most of the muslim countries on the planet.

If our freedom of speech is so aggravating and demeaning to your strongly held beliefs, then feel free to board a plane and fly somewhere where there is less tolerance for other ways of thinking. Here’s hoping the plane doesn’t get hijacked on the way.

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