With talk of a winter election heating up, my palms are starting to sweat. I am trying to add up just how much this is going to cost us.

The Liberals have been on a spending spree since the summer, when the smell of their impending demise first became noticeable in the House of Commons. A billion for this, and a billion for that. Add to it the fact that each of us has been promised a shiny new bicycle if we let Mr. Martin stay on as our captain, and you have to wonder what ever happened to the Liberal claim that they were for balanced budgets and controlled spending.

Mr. Goodale has the gaul to stand up in Parliament this week and tell Canadians that they are going to get back a wee bit of change for all that was taken from them, all the while knowing that it will never come to fruition. You see, Mr. Goodale only has a few weeks left as finance minister, and he knows it. Should the Liberals hang on to power, all is not lost. Mr. Goodale can issue the above mentioned tax cuts without losing a dime. He simply has to claw forward our contributions to the Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance premiums. This is the way most of the Liberals’ prior “tax cuts” have been handled.

As for our finance minister’s accounting skills, there can only be two schools of thought. He is either completely clueless in the field of accounting when it comes to cost and revenue projections, or he is simply a swindler. Let me explain. Since this bunch has come to power, they have had surplus after surplus, meaning they are strangling working families to build themselves an election cushion. I suppose they must, as they can’t seem to raise very much honest money for their party.

One year ago our finance minister made some predictions for the upcoming fiscal period and beyond. For 2005-2006, Mr. Goodale projected a surplus of $500 million. For the following fiscal period, 2006-2007, he predicted a surplus of $900 million. It turns out they are now running at $8.2 billion and $9.2 billion dollars respectively. If Mr. Goodale worked for ANY major corporation, his board of directors would hand him his walking papers tomorrow morning. Only in politics can somebody this bad at what he does keep his post intact. The Liberals didn’t do too well with their last finance minister either, if I recall. Maybe they should hire a chartered accountant, or perhaps they could call Account Temps.

If you can remember back just over a month ago, you will recall that the Liberals pledged to give back to Canadians the money that they had stolen. I am not talking about sponsorgate and the more than one million dollars that found its way into the bank account of the federal Liberal Party, I am talking about the money that we have been overcharged in the way of over taxation. The Liberals introduced what they called the “Surplus Allocation Act”. They claimed that this bill would see Canadians get some of the money back that they were overcharged.

This act was simply a smoke screen and had no credibility. There was no provision stopping the government from simply spending the money, to reduce the surplus to zero, to keep from having to return it. In my October 7th column entitled, “I’m Not Falling For That, Mr. Martin”, I asked the following question. “What is to prevent the federal government from simply increasing spending on all of their ‘pet projects’ to the point where a surplus simply doesn’t exist?” It seems that nobody could answer it.

I received an email today from a reader who thought that I was exceptional in my predictions. I refute that entirely. It was a foregone conclusion to anyone who can follow the news stories that we read on a daily basis. In fact, all one has to do is watch the way the Liberal Party functions, and if you pay close attention, you will see a pattern.

It starts out with billions in promises, most of which will come to pass in the latter years of the mandate they hope we will hand them. That starts an election campaign. Promises and accolades of affection precede election day as they try to promise everyone everything, and warn us that if we don’t vote for them, all will be lost and Canada will instantly be thrown back to the dark ages; we will all have to make our own butter each morning and indoor plumbing will cease to exist.

Once the election is done, the Liberals will “get down to work.” No one is really too sure what this entails. Some believe it consists of turning Canada into a part of Europe, but no one knows. While all this work is being accomplished, nothing really gets done. The government hoards our money until such a time comes that their rule over us seems in jeopardy. Once it is clear that it is election time again, miraculously, they become kind hearted and generous. It’s too bad that we forget that we are the one’s paying for the incredible multi-billion dollar party that they are throwing for us. It’s even sadder that we can’t see how this has all happened so many times before.

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