In a move that was long overdue, muslim religious leaders from all over Canada have joined together to denounce Islamic terrorists for what they are, evil men who hide behind a religious cloak.

Imam Ahmad Kutty of the Islamic Institute of Toronto read the statement which was signed by more than 120 Islamic religious leaders from across Canada. He stated that “Anyone who claims to be a Muslim and participates in any way in the taking of innocent life is betraying the very spirit and letter of Islam. We categorically and unequivocally reject such acts. We will confront and challenge the extremist mindset that produces this perversion of our faith.”

While some in the muslim community refused to sign the statement, saying that they were tired of apologizing for the deeds of others, most welcome the bold step taken. Islamic extremists do not mind killing other muslims who do not share their twisted views. To them, anyone who is against their cause is the enemy. Perhaps that is what has prevented some from speaking out. When it comes to one’s country, one has to put personal safety aside, and must speak up and be counted.

As terrorism continues to escalate, some in the muslim community have worried about being found guilty by association. Until now, muslim leaders throughout the world have remained somewhat silent on this issue, leading most with the impression that they were silently condoning the acts. While some have indeed spoken out, the media has been slow to publish these accounts. The planned news release today should help to dispel some of the mistrust and suspicion that has grown towards people of the islamic faith in our country.

Speaking out for the truth is a proud Canadian tradition, and it is good to see our muslim citizens embracing it.

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