What is it with our media’s fixation on polls? It seems that every time I log in, which is often, there is yet another poll declaring how wonderful Paul Martin is, and how sorrowfully apathetic and gullible we have become. To be frank, I don’t believe it. I will not believe that the people that I work and live with are this ridiculous.

Watching the poll results come in is like listening to a horse race. “Pillaging Paul is out in front by two lengths coming around the clubhouse turn. Pillaging Paul is leaving the pack. But wait. Flip Flop Jack is opening up a spot in the crowd, and Hopeful Harper is pouring it on. It’s Pillaging Paul being challenged by Hopeful Harper. Flip Flop Jack is blocking Pillaging Paul now. Hopeful Harper is ahead by a nose. Pillaging Paul almost fell on that last turn but is now coming on strong. Pillaging Paul is back in front, but looks tired, Jim.”

The one who said politics is boring has absolutely no sense of humour. I guess I should look at the recent numbers, from the most recent poll. However, before I could analyze it, see how it was twisted, and then comment on that, there would no doubt be yet another poll to contend with.

I am going to offer this thought on all of the polls together. They are wasting our time. These little scraps of paper are intended to have several effects on the electorate. They are meant to demoralize those on the right, and to convince anyone who is thinking of changing their vote from Liberal to Conservative that they are wasting their time. I wholeheartedly disagree. It is time that we, as a citizenry and a nation, speak up or shut up. If you wish for your children to see you reward dishonesty and embezzlement, stay the course. If you wish to teach the children of Canada that crime and dishonesty do not pay, then vote him out of office.

Every time I see the Liberal out in front in Ontario, I want to wretch. For a group of men to be able to pull the fleece over so many people’s eyes is just an astounding feat,. David Copperfield will be calling for pointers soon.

To those of you who are sick of this as well, I have a suggestion. Laugh at them. I know how I am voting and it will not change. I don’t care if I see a poll with Paul Martin out in front by 20 points. I will not, nor can I, give this man my vote. If you have any sense of right and wrong, I would hope that you feel the same way, too. I have seen elections that have gone totally opposite to the polling data. This is simply because the data was contrived. (For those of you in college, that means made up.) Pollsters who are loyal to the governing party have a lot to gain by helping them stay in power. They will try anything and everything in their power to help convince us that we should continue voting for them. I will not.

How is this for a poll? 100% of intelligent Canadians have rejected the authors of AdScam and widespread corruption. A huge majority of conservative voters are in favor of an early election, perhaps yesterday, if not sooner. 88% of Canadians claim that they can see right through the Liberal’s attempts to coerce and buy off the electorate once again.

While this isn’t an official poll, it is pretty m

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