Today it was announced that Canada has scored an ‘F’ in child fitness. It reminds me of the report released last year in which Canadians were told that the government wasn’t doing enough about child poverty.

Why is it that we keep thinking that the government is responsible, or to blame, for all of our problems? I don’t believe that the government is responsible for my children being active or inactive. Sure it would benefit them greatly to have physical education in school, but as a child, I got most of my activity playing with other children.

I wonder how long it will be until our children’s teachers once again threaten to strike, this time in the name of smaller curriculums so that physical education can be included in the school day. How long until we are told that maybe we need a new couch potato tax, maybe a 50 cent surtax for every hour they play on a video game? We could have little television meters right beside our hydro meters.

Will someone tell me what the government is supposed to do about it? Maybe it is about time that parents paid a little attention to their child’s health, like they ought to. How about saying to Johnny, “Turn it off, go outside.” It works at my house. And you know what? It doesn’t cost the taxpayer a thing.

As for the child poverty issue, see you Sunday.

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