In a move that would have pleased many a tyrant, Prime Minister Paul Martin has once again proven why he is an ineffective leader and why he must be defeated. In a stunning announcement, the Prime Minister announced yesterday that if his government is returned to power, he would ban outright all handguns in Canada. The police, of course, would be allowed to keep theirs.

If you are sitting back and reading this with a victorious grin, I must tell you that I don’t think you have a very firm grasp on history, especially where it pertains to tyranny and the loss of a people’s liberties. We, as Canadians, live in some semi-conscious state where the mere mention of words like socialism, communism, and tyranny cause the eyes to glaze over. We hear not anything that follows those words.

What is it that makes Canadians believe that our country is immune to all of the lessons that history has taught? Do we think that we live in a time where tyranny only happens to someone else? That state of denial is dangerous, and causes us to reside in a very dangerous place.

I am not trying to suggest that the Liberal Party is going to convert Canada into a communist state overnight, but we are travelling down the road that leads to tyranny, and tyranny will welcome any foolish nation that knocks on its door. History teaches us that a people who are unable to defend itself not only from foreign aggressors, but also from its own government, are in a very precarious position. Do I lie awake and worry about it? No, but with every little tightening of the screws, and with every news story encouraging us down that road, the knot in my stomach grows a little tighter. Why? Because the past is not a blur, but a lesson.

The announced banning of handguns also illustrates the simple fact that those who govern us just do not get it. Criminals are called that because they commit crimes. Crimes are acts that contravene our laws. Now I ask you, does it make sense to continually punish law abiding citizens? Do you, as a Canadian, really believe that this new ban will have any effect on gun violence on our streets? If you answered yes to the last query, I must with all due respect question your intelligence.

The announcement came with a call for the doubling of the sentences that gun crimes carry. Again, with all due respect, this is absolutely useless. We have laws on our books right now that would stem the violence on our streets. Unfortunately, our judiciary are very reluctant to punish the one’s who are responsible for the situation in our city. Tougher sentences will only work if they are tougher¬†minimum¬†sentences, not maximums.

Time and again our legislators have passed new laws which do absolutely nothing to curb violent crime. The reason is simply that the criminals do not obey the law. To use the recent crime wave that has hit Toronto to further erode our liberties is simply unacceptable, and for Canadians to sit back and allow it convinces me that the majority of my fellow Canadians just don’t get it.

For the record, if any of the other leadership hopefuls had have proposed this law, my response would have been the same. It isn’t a partisan issue, it is a fundamental one.

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