politician – noun

def: a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasonsĀ (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary.)

Today Belinda Stronach showed her true colors. No longer did she pretend to represent the people of Newmarket-Aurora, but instead chose to represent herself. Welcome to the role of betrayer and political opportunist, Belinda. While Belinda claims that she does not support the decision of caucus to defeat the current government, she failed to mention that she herself voted in favor of that decision a few weeks back during a caucus meeting. The vote was unanimous. (For those of you in college, that means that everyone voted the same way.) Belinda’s comments are a little hazy, so I will do my best to translate them for you, as I am highly skilled at reading between the lines. You will find my translations in italics immediately following each quote.

“I watch, I listen, and feel that the interests of individuals, or parties, are being placed above the national interest.”

“I want to place my individual interests above the national interest. Having a government wrought with corruption is good for Canada.”

“..we need the checks and balances of more than one strong and vibrant party.”

“I want some power.”

“It is now the moment to stand and be counted, because the consequences are serious.”

“I am not getting any younger. If I want to attain more power, I need to jump ship now. The polls do not look promising.”

“After serious soul searching, I just cannot support such large risks with my country.”

“I have really tried, but I just can’t get over coming in second in the 2004 leadership convention.”

“I tried to the very best of my ability to play a constructive role in the Conservative party to advance issues that really matter to Canadians in cities, to women, to young people, to many Ontarians.”

I really wanted to be leader of this party, but nobody picked me. I am still very bitter, and am not used to losing.”

“But I regret to say that I do not believe the party leader is truly sensitive to the needs of each part of the country and just how big and complex Canada really is.”

Stephen Harper won’t let me be the boss.”

She said critical portions of the budget – particularly the billions promised for municipal infrastructure – were extremely important to individuals in her riding north of Toronto and other constituencies in the area.

“Mr. Martin is handing out billions, and I am buying into it.”

While I stated yesterday that I would do my best to not be sarcastic, I also underscored the fact that it would be tough to do. I find that sarcasm is the nicest way to put the things that I would like to say to Ms. Stronach. In closing, while the sting of betrayal is strong, I will say good riddance. The likes of you, Belinda, has found a complementary home. For the federal Liberals have been looking out for mainly themselves for a long time now, and seeing you stand there beside Mr. Martin, it was suddenly evident that your stripes both ran in the same direction.

I thank God that you never won the leadership vote. When I was asked why I voted for Mr. Harper, I had said to many of my fellow conservative friends that I did not trust something about you. I truly hate always being right on these things.

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