Scott Reid thinks you aren’t fit to manage your money. The top aide and director of communications for Paul Martin came out with the condescending statement that the Conservative child care plan puts money back into the hands of parents, and nothing is stopping them from spending it on beer and popcorn.

There is an important message here, and for the life of me, I just don’t understand why so many of my fellow Canadians fail to understand what it is. The Liberals have been in power a long time. It doesn’t surprise them because Liberals think that they are born to rule you and I, that we are stupid, and need them to take care of us. So far, polling indicates that most Canadians agree with them. The comments made by Mr. Reid are not only Mr. Reid’s, but are the real thoughts of most Liberals.

When Mr. Reid stated that “they need care that is regulated,” a direct reference to institutionalized child care, he isn’t simply saying that standardized is best, he is saying that the Liberals will spend the money for you, because you are stupid.

While many are comparing the amount that the Conservative child care plan will give back to parents and continue to repeat that it is only enough for two days a week, they are missing the entire point. The Conservative plan gives people the choices that the Liberal plan does not. Most parents would choose to stay at home to raise their own children if they could afford it. With Mr. Harper’s stipend, that choice becomes a lot more realistic, especially for families who have more than one child.

As well, a national child care program will run 9 to 5, leaving all those who do not work standard shifts out in the cold. If you work afternoons or midnights, tough luck.

The bigger issue here is still the beer and popcorn remark, as it illustrates the true contempt that those currently in power hold you and I in. They are of the opinion that they rightfully own our money and the fruits of our labour. As our glorious leaders, they will give us back the scraps that they do not wish to keep. All the money that Ottawa is promising to us belonged to us before they passed legislation to have it removed from our hard earned paycheques, a fact that is seldom recalled by voters.

Frankly, what parents do with the pittance that is returned to them is none of Mr. Reid’s business.

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