As a child, I had the privilege of growing up through the cold war and the nuclear arms race. It was a time of rhetoric and one-upmanship. It seemed like the world was always just one argument away from complete annihilation at the hands of a few powerful men. The West and its allies were in a race to achieve global dominance. Our reason? To resist the socialist oppression that communism was trying to impose on the rest of the world, to hold socialism at bay, and at best to eradicate the threat that the communist regimes posed. The eastern communist countries of China, U.S.S.R., North Korea, and East Germany were also in the race for global dominance. Their reason? They wished for us to become them.

The West wasn’t only North America, but also our allies such as Britain, Australia, and West Germany to name but a few. The cold war was never characterized much by West vs. East, but more like good vs. evil. We in the west were the good, fighting back relativism, atheism, and socialism. Our culture was based on freedom, morals, character, a strong belief in God, and capitalism and our enemies were known as heathen, the ungodly communists.

The socialists believed that the fruits of the laborers were to be spread amongst everyone. We believed that if you wanted to succeed and have what you need, you should be willing to work hard for it. In our countries, anyone could become anything. It was this mentality by which we excelled so markedly.

The communists believed people were commodities and assets, at the disposal of the government. If they weren’t profitable, they were useless. We believed in the sanctity of life, opposing as horrific such ideas as abortion and euthanasia.

To us, the differences in our ways of life were abundantly clear, and we were sworn to protect and uphold our way of life, with justice and liberty for all.

Further differences included our innovations, discoveries, successes, and economics. Not only did we believe that ours were superior, time proved it. The United States, Canada, Britain, and most of our allies built hugely successful nations and societies. The communist countries languished. Their systems were antiquated and had no motivation for success. Socialism dictated that everyone had the same, which in the eastern bloc countries meant little or nothing. While our economies roared with power, theirs faltered. News reports and movies that showed long lines of people in Russia, Ukraine, and other socialist nations waiting for food were the norm.

Back as early as 1980, only 25 years ago, the difference between western culture and communism was as starkly contrasted as white is on black. Now, to look at the world, there are no differences. While this may make for a seemingly more peaceful co-existence, I believe that the price that we have willingly paid for it was far too high. The West, with its new secular societies, has no passion, no beliefs which to guide it, no soul with which to set it apart. Our western culture has been eradicated, and to their credit, our enemies did it without most of us even realizing it.

We now consider human beings commodities, rearranging them through biology and cloning techniques. We euthanize our elderly on occasion and call it human rights. We abort our unborn children in the biggest extermination of western life ever recorded, and call it a woman’s right. We no longer wish to teach our children the truths passed down to us, but now hurriedly send them off to government ‘feel good’ institutions called public education, where they are not taught truth, but are taught to accept all, with no defining traits. Now, on the brink of an election, we are in a hurry to not have to raise them at all, with the promise of universal daycare looming on the horizon.

In the West, the citizens were allowed to carry arms or at least own them, not only for protection from their fellow man, but also from their government. Our founders understood tyranny. In fact, we were fortunate enough in our lifetimes to not have to experience it, but were able to watch it in real time. We saw how Cubans were treated by the dictator Castro, how men and women were shot down trying to leave East Germany, and how people in China and Russia were afraid to think anything ill of their governments, lest the secret police came and took them away. The people cowered and were defenseless against the tyranny. We are willingly and anxiously becoming the same.

The United Nations has a goal that many do not realize. It is the complete disarming of anyone that is not a policeman or soldier. Again, as I have said before, if this sounds cuddly and fuzzy to you, you simply do not understand the nature of men in power, and have no concept of human history. Complete disarmament of the people is not a good thing, even if it sounds utopial.

In the West, dissidents and opponents of government policy were allowed and even encouraged to voice their beliefs. It is one of the foremost characteristics of a free society. Now, the West’s biggest corporation, Microsoft, is helping to enable China to censor and monitor all internet communication. At one time, westerners had the right to privacy, and could expect it, unlike places like the Soviet Union, where the government watched and conspired against the people, lest they conspire against the government. The leaders of communism were paranoid animals, always looking to preserve their power. People could be picked up and whisked away for questioning on the slightest suspicion, even one imagined. Phone calls were monitored and correspondence was opened and read. Thanks to our war on terror, we have allowed the same thing in our country.

Indeed, any hint of malice towards our countries is not regarded as legitimate thought any longer, but is considered terrorism, even when done by its own citizens. While I agree we should pursue terrorists and destroy them, I do not think we should be giving up our liberties so freely. Even in Canada, the government is now seeking the right to monitor our internet, such as emails and forums. Our freedom to speak our mind is fading. When you can label any form of dissent as terrorism, you quash freedom of speech. When you can make a one man’s right to his own opinion a hate crime, you remove his right to express his opinion. 25 years ago, westerners would have rejected such an idea, today, we embrace the thought police under the guise of anti-hate legislation.

The differences between us and them have vaporized in Canada. We have allowed our culture to be assimilated into theirs. We have opened our borders and embraced the earth, and in doing so, we have accepted the evil of others. We have, without one shot being fired, without the least bit of resistance, become “Them.”

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