For quite a while, it has been clear to some that our educational system is not only intended to educate our young in the basics of knowledge. Many have been lamenting the fact that it is also an arena for indoctrination and social engineering.

Frankly, I suppose social engineering has been one of the reasons that our country has been so successful. To have everybody rowing in the same direction is a good thing. But what happens when a growing number of people begin to feel that we are rowing in the wrong direction?

What is happening now and for the last 40 years or so is that our social engineering has been assumed by the state almost entirely. Before that, it was done, for the most part, by the church and by parents who believed in its goals which were, among many others; love, charity, and faith.

As for the claims that public education is the same as social engineering, officials have been unwilling to admit to it. It is there for anyone to see. We place into our laws the requirement that our youth attend school and there are many reasons for doing this. One reason is often stated to be that an educated people are a wealthy people. This is obviously true, but there is more to it than that. It is to preserve our fundamental tenets and our system of government and to keep order.

Take the recent statements by a federal official regarding the arrests of a group of young Canadians on terrorism charges this week. The official stated that he expects some serious reflection in government and security circles about how young people raised in Canada could allegedly conspire to commit such crimes. He went on to add that “Most of them went through the school system here. They’re not just off the plane. So there will be some questioning going on.”

What kinds of questions will be asked? I can imagine the architects of our public education system and the psychologists and social professionals that attempt to guide our youth through a stringent goal based curriculum will have to do more in their aim of convincing our young people that this is utopia. They will have to try and figure out why anyone would not readily succumb to our ideals and what can be done to ensure the next generation buys into the program we are running.

With a growing number of pro da filled ‘documentaries’ (a term I use loosely here) turning up within our midst, it is easy to become extremely suspicious of our government and its authority. With a few loose wing nuts like Alex Jones and Michael Moore running about convincing all who will listen that our society is simply a means to a corporate end or one big gulag, it isn’t hard to see this kind of homegrown hatred expanding.

Such films are, of course, not the root cause of the discontent of our youth, but simply antagonists to the underlying causes of it.

Indeed, I see the amount of discontent and protesting in this somewhat quiet land beginning to rise. As we have seen in France and much of Europe, as in the United States, there are those who are intent on undoing the foundation which our countries are set upon.

If one goes back to the earliest forms of mass education and a structured curriculum in the modern world, one will find that those with a strong moral backbone and a love for their fellow man were behind such institutions. Their goal was to educate the masses in the areas of Reading, Writing, Math, and the Sciences and Arts. It was by this means that man himself was dragged kicking and screaming out of his darkest time which were known as the Dark Ages or Middle Ages. Well, most of us were, anyway. There are certainly still some civilizations that are intent on remaining there.

Changing man from an oppressor of his own kind by sheer might into a caring, thoughtful, considerate creature was only accomplished through the teaching of the gospel of Christ. When Christianity ruled much of Europe and the New World, public education was used to teach the next generation about the values and morals of the founders of the world’s greatest nations and of those who envisioned that all people should be educated.

What is it then that is changing? It isn’t the fact that we are attempting to engineer the next generation of citizens. We have been doing that as a civilization for hundreds of years. What is changing though is the framework of the training. We are teaching our children that certain behaviours are wrong, but without any reasoning other than you may get caught.

In the past, we have taught our children, (most of us at any rate), that there are eternal consequences for our actions. Now, they are told that there are no eternal consequences. Before, they were taught that there was an absolute right and wrong; now they are told that these are not absolutes, but simply anchors which can be moved at will.

Further, we now have a tremendous population that is not intent on imparting or embracing our foundational beliefs. This phenomenon is not just attributable to our newcomers, but also to many who are born within our borders. As I have stated, it is my belief that the teaching of the gospel is what has made our nation so strong and so successful. With our new mosaic of multiculturalism and our government mandated and court enforced acceptance of many other mantras, we have lost the rudder that steers this great ship. I don’t care how many captains you put on a ship, you are only going to be able to make it go in one direction, or perhaps in no direction at all.

I will assert that our nation is in uncharted waters. Where we once had a compass that proved to work well, we now allow everyone who gets on board to bring their own. The problem is that the only true compass is the one that has gotten us to where we are. Instead of having leaders who assert the ability of our compass and point out its proven accuracy and reliability, they cower under accusations that they are elitist and intolerant. They are convinced, with help from the Supreme Court, that everyone’s compass should be used. The result is that our ship is now in danger of floundering.

The wishes of the weak and leaderless will ultimately be granted. We will become equal. We will all have an equal part in our society becoming dysfunctional. While we can only see the tip of the iceberg with the recent revelations regarding discontented Canadians plotting the deaths of other Canadians, I believe it is a watershed moment and a revelation as to where our collective compasses are taking us.

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