Throughout this election campaign and even during the last parliament, our prime minister has attempted to stand above his opponents and fellow parliamentarians by constantly coining the buzzword “values.” In his world, Liberal values are Canadian values, thereby implying that anyone whose values differ from his are not Canadians. What ever happened to all of the talk regarding unity and tolerance?

In the last couple of days, the ‘values’ rhetoric has accelerated. Mr. Martin tells us that Stephen Harper does not hold the same values as Canadians. I would say to Mr. Martin that Mr. Harper’s values simply differ from his own. For that fact, so do mine. Does that make us un-Canadian in some way?

There are many different people who make up this country. Each one of us has an intrinsic worth, and each one of us is different. Many of us live by faith and by a code of conduct that doesn’t change with the wind. Most of us have values that we hold dear, and they are every bit as relevant as Paul Martin’s.

For the last 12 years, Mr. Martin and his good friends have set themselves up as the champions of Canadian values, while at the same time dismantling and changing as many time honored institutions as they could. They continue to appoint supreme court judges who see the same vision of Canada that they do, that being one with no standards. What we have become is a country with no values.

No longer is anything right or wrong. Liberal values don’t stand for anything tangible. They have come to signify anything and everything. That isn’t values, it is the absence of them.

When somebody questions whether we have to change our health care system, Mr. Martin attacks their values and in doing so, by linking his values to Canadian values, attacks their patriotism. For too long this has been an effective means to an end and has caused real debate and dialogue to be muted.

Values are things that many of us hold dear. They define who we are. They are not buzzwords to be used for political gain and expediency. Take the second english language leadership debate that was held last week. Mr. Martin stated that our (his) values were different from American conservative values, and included compassion, generosity, and sharing. I would say to our prime minister that using the word values in his ongoing anti-American policy is unbecoming. Further, to suggest that the nation which has done more for humanitarian aid than anyone else on earth is not compassionate, generous, and sharing is simply politics at its worst.

The Liberals continually say that this election is about values. No, Mr. Martin, it is about the absence of them. If election fraud, backroom dealings, and padding the pockets of those who are Liberals are indicative of your values, then you just lost the election. I will state, however, that this election is not just about values. For as much as it is, so is every election, but every election is also about which political direction we want our country to aim in. We have gone far enough to the left. So far, in fact, that we are on the border of socialism where the people stand with their hands out waiting for their next freebie from the government.

It is time that we head back from whence we came, when Canadians worked hard to support their own, not to support an ever increasing, farther reaching, expanding government which wishes to do everything for everyone. It’s time to turn around and find the values that our ancestors built this house called Canada on.

Mr. Martin says that his values are Canada’s. I would say that with all of the changes that Canada has undergone under the Liberals that it would seem they didn’t much like Canada the way it was. That’s a shame because we were the envy of the world.

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