With news of the untimely demise of Chief Justice William Rehnquist, President Bush now has the opportunity to solidify the highest court, and to make it less vulnerable to a breech from socialism. Our American neighbors have watched Canada slide from a great democracy to a socialist country. The slide was not done in increments in Canada, it was a free fall, and it was caused by a hugely liberal supreme court that has usurped legislative authority from the people, and took it upon themselves to reshape our country.

Americans have given conservatives almost every gambit of power in the United States, much to the frustration and consternation of the extremist left. It must drive the Liberal Democrats batty to see a country just north of their border embrace their worldly philosophy, but they are yet unable to fool their own citizens. How utterly lucky for Americans.

Now that President Bush has two vacancies to fill, the left is terrified that 50 years of meddling in the education system and supreme court are about to be undone, setting back their cause. It is starting to show everywhere, especially now that John Roberts has been nominated for Chief Justice.

The Democrats are demanding to know who the next nominee will be to fill the vacancy left when Justice O’Connor steps aside. They have said that once they know, they can decide how fast Mr. Roberts can be confirmed. It is with this tactic that the liberals expose their entire game plan, and indeed, their entire thought process.

The purpose of confirmation hearings are to discern whether or not a nominee is worthy and capable of the post that he or she has been nominated for. That is all. For a supreme court justice, the litmus test has never been what a candidate’s personal political leanings are, but whether they will embrace the constitution of the United States of America and the laws of the same. Whatever a candidate’s political leanings, these are most relevant to the president doing the nominating.

Having said all of that, how does who the president nominate next have any bearing on the qualifications of John. G. Roberts? The answer to anyone is quite simple. It doesn’t. The only game being played here is partisan politics. One would think Democrats like Sen. Edward Chappiquidick Kennedy who profess to be the self-appointed guardians of their democracy would be more interested in ensuring that a capable person fills the top spot on the nation’s highest court.

The m.o. here is simple. Try to persuade President Bush to nominate another conservative now, and then attack him for stacking the court. If Mr. Roberts is confirmed before the next nomination is made, there will be that much less that the left can do to stonewall. If his confirmation is over, then the Democrats must attack the next nominee personally, and not on partisan issues, which they would love to do. Don’t get me wrong. The Democrats will tear into the next nominee personally if they have to. Having two conservatives in line at once would give the left much more air time and would allow them to get away with dragging the process out.

Democrat Senator Dick Durbin, who is on the Judiciary Committee / Inquisition says that “the court is very closely divided, and if the president’s next nominee is too extreme,” (meaning he doesn’t see the world through scum-covered glasses like Mr. Durbin,) “it will worry us that the court is going to change for generations to come.” Bingo, that is it in a nutshell.

Democrats, who had previously indicated they were unlikely to try to block Roberts’ confirmation, said the proposal to make him chief justice raises the stakes. Why is this so? If they were unlikely to block the confirmation beforehand, why now? Have his credentials changed? If not, then proceed as planned. This is partisanship at its worst.

Democrat Senator Patrick Leahy, the senior Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, says “At his age, we could see him for 25 or 30 years. This affects us, it affects our children, it affects our grandchildren.” Yes it does, and do you want to know why? Because the bench has usurped authority in the United States as well, and threatens to undo the fabric of that country as it has done here. That is why it is so imperative that George W. Bush uses his majority government to ensure the future of his country by nominating justices that have the protection of their country’s constitution as their only agenda. That is why he or she cannot be a liberal.

Let us hope our American neighbors heed our warning: “You will only make the gravest mistake in your history once.”

Stick to your guns, George.

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