In a group of cowardly acts, terrorists yesterday detonated four bombs amid London’s public transit system. It is presently unclear as to what those responsible hoped to accomplish. Some reports alluded to ties to the war in Iraq or the G8 summit.

Whatever the case may be, Londoners once again showed the world how to act in the face of terror. They have assessed their situation and dealt with the carnage. They talk and reflect, and then get on with living. It is inspiring to say the least, especially when I read an English newspaper first hand online. My hat is off and my heart and sincerest condolences go out to our British brethren.

It is hard to believe that our two cultures have become so very different. North Americans are, for the most part, defeatist. We look at situations like this altogether different.

When, not if, Canada receives its share of these lunatics’ wrath, our response will be totally predictable. So much so, that one could almost write the commentary now and save it to disk to use later. At first we will be outraged. Shortly after that, we will most assuredly fall in step with our southern neighbours and quickly forget our enemy and will look around the room to assign blame. We will tear into each other while the enemy quietly retreats to plan for the next one.

We will blame our security forces, whom we expect to know everything. We will blame the current government, because they are everything to everyone in Canada, and they should be keeping us totally safe.

The truth is that they can’t keep us safe, nor can any government. The group of men and women that we are at war with, (well, that everyone else is at war with,) are not targeting nations, per se, but are targeting the “Jews and Crusaders”, and in case you don’t know too much about history, that includes us. Our turn will eventually come. Right now, we sit back like the world did in the early days of WWII and pretend that this is someone else’s problem and that if we shut our eyes hard enough, it will go away, like the man under our bed did when we were children.

When that terrible day does arrive, I hope and pray that Canadians will also be awoken. I hope that we will finally unite in something, and that our resolve to crush the enemy will be as strong as George W. Bush’s and Tony Blair’s. Only then, when all countries are gripped in steel resolve, will these people be defeated.

Until then, hold on to something, and pray it isn’t your turn today.

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