Once again, the headlines ring out about another deadly car bombing or suicide bombing in the middle east. It is becoming so common, that I sometimes get the death toll mixed up with the Dow Jones average.

Over the last few days I have noticed that the militants in Iraq and elsewhere are not just targeting police or security forces. They are in fact now targeting Shiite muslims in mosques.

One thing is particularly troubling to me. I don’t mean to lessen the fact that innocent people are dying, as that is truly a tragedy, but I can’t understand why the western media isn’t outraged. I mean, surely some of these suicide bombers are desecrating the Korans that the worshippers have with them. Why is there no outrage on CNN? Where is the Newsweek crew? Indeed, the Koran is being desecrated on a daily basis now, and by Muslim extremists no less.

Another troubling thought is how far the left has gone to assert their freedom of expression. They go so far as to cover the American flag being burned whenever they can, be it in Syria or Berkeley. The Bible is just a book to them as well, but the Koran! There’s something that needs to be protected. Where do our reporters come from? Iran?

The trend here is obvious. To the western media, the west is evil. I have never thought to check this out, but I now start to wonder if Al-Jazeera is the largest owner of newspapers and television in the world, seeing as how they apparently own our stations.

The western media has done all it could do in the last 50 years to destroy democratic principles and freedoms in the United States and Canada. Any story that can be spun against people with principles is printed and run with. Nowhere now in the major media can you find a good news story extolling the virtues of our free countries. Nowhere will you find a story about our religious rights, or the values that once made us great, only how those values somehow deny Abdul El Shariff his constitutional right to face East at noon.

You will find Christianity being torn down and portrayed as something sinister, and all who profess to follow as scary right wing extremists, you will find issues such as Islamic law being debated in the Ontario legislature, and arguments being waged to determine whether it should play a part in family law in our province.

In our attempt to appease all, to please everyone, to be everything to anything, we have lost ourselves. What once was a great nation that many flocked to has become the nations that they fled. We are no longer a beacon, but merely another shadow. For their part, the media should be thanked, as they have done the most to help this happen. They have become conspirators, aiding and abetting the enemy, running a propaganda machine that Germany would have been proud of in 1940.

The saddest part, of course, is that we were unable to see through it. Al-Media is truly a force to be reckoned with.

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