The Canadian think tank, the Fraser Institute, has released a report that was even more scathing than what we heard from the hearings of Justice Gomery. While the depth of corruption was exposed as the biggest scandal in Canadian history, the Fraser Institute has published itsĀ findingsĀ in the matter, and Mr. Gomery has apparently only scratched the surface.

While the Gomery Commission has yet to release its final report and findings, it seems that what we learned in the months of publicized testimony is the tip of a huge iceberg.

Some of the highlights are a further $1.9 million donated to the Liberal Party that was previously not disclosed, bringing the total to $3.7 million, hardly near the $750,000 trust fund that Paul Martin, et al, have placed aside in a trust fund to pay back Canadians.

The sponsorship report filed by the auditor-general in 2003 listed 71 organizations as involved. It turns out that the actual number of people and organizations is more like 565, or almost 8 times as many.

The people identified in the report are politicians, political party members, bureaucrats, and business owners. The Fraser Report finds that almost all of them have financial ties to the Liberal Party of Canada, and they donated 40 times more to the Liberal Party than to all other parties combined. In English, 98% of their donations went to the federal Liberal Party.

It seems as though organized crime has found its way into our highest offices. The closing remarks of the Fraser Report are just as interesting to me, and I would hope to you, as the rest of the report. It is summed up as follows:

Finally, it must be recognized that waste in government is often a function of publicly set standards of behavior. The electorate, through polls that reveal attitudes and by voting in elections, ultimately sets the parameters around acceptable behavior. Pervasive and sustained misallocation of taxpayer funds is more likely to reoccur if such activities are socially tolerated. There is no reform of government practices that can create a culture that does not tolerate government waste. That is something that must be decided and declared by Canadians at large.

To paraphrase the above: If Canadians keep voting for these kinds of people, they will get more of the same, as we are saying that these crimes are acceptable to us. If we want it to stop NOW, we have to speak out at the next election.

Pretty amazing that it takes a think tank to come up with that.

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