In a bold move Monday, South Dakota’s governor Mike Rounds tabled legislation that would ban all forms of abortion in the state, save those which would save a pregnant woman’s life. It removes all other exceptions, including incest and rape.

With the legislation being passed by a clear majority of legislators, attempts to call the legislation an assault on freedom is a little over the top. In fact, the will of the people being heard and acted upon is one of the greatest signs of freedom that exists.

Those in favour of abortion on demand are outraged. The battle cry has been sounded and the ‘woman’s choice’ rhetoric is heating up.

One story which I found absolutely appalling was a piece by one Aaron Ludensky in the Retriever Weekly, an apparently low quality campus newspaper run by the University of Maryland-Baltimore. In his op-ed piece, Aaron describes the products of incestuous abuse as “a bunch of incestuous mutants running around.” He also brings to light the unfortunate situation which would arise should a 13 year old girl become pregnant at the hands of an abusive relative, perhaps a father or brother. He states that the resulting child, should there be one, would “destroy the rest of her life.”

This tone says a lot about the writer, and about his readership. It uses the most extreme example possible and highlights very plainly the lack of compassion that we are willing to give to children that are not responsible for the actions of others, and also the lack of worth that we view these children with.

A child is a child, no matter how he or she gets here. I speak that not out of ignorance, but out of experience. I will not elaborate as the story is not mine alone, but I will simply state the following:

There are many events in one’s life which can be viewed as life changing, demeaning, horrific or some other label that holds as negative a meaning, and their resulting effect can be one of two things. The effect of those events can either tear a person apart or make them stronger. The choice as to which outcome will prevail is for the most part the decision of the victim.

I say choice because it all comes down to an individual’s attitude. That is something that we are simply not willing to consider any longer in our nation. It seems that being a victim is in vogue and carries with it a wide range of benefits that we all enjoy such as self-pity, sympathy, financial gain through legal or government remedies, and an excuse to become apathetic and defeated.

That does not bode well for our country or its future. There was a time when we took adversity, challenge, and all of the other nasty junk that life threw at us and we used it to build ourselves up. We climbed over the mountains that were placed in our path and we always used to choose to rise above adversity and calamity.

Abortion has been a right to an entire generation of women. Those women have been taught that there is absolutely no consequence at all for being easy and for not holding themselves to some kind of standard or code of conduct. They are taught by militant women’s groups that they are not required to take any responsibility for their own actions and that anyone who suggests otherwise is an intolerant, bible thumping, morality preaching neanderthal, and that my friends, is what the abortion movement is all about.

While there were many cases where women were seriously maimed for life in what were known as ‘back-alley abortion clinics’, a free for all abortion society is simply not the answer. It devalues the worth of our next generation, and that of the mother. As well, abortion goes against everything that we have been taught since we were children and goes against the very fabric of our beliefs.

We are taught that it is wrong to kill, but then we are told that a woman has a right to kill her unborn child, lest she be forced to deal with the consequences of her sexual choices, and in most cases of abortive procedures, it is to prevent the woman from having to deal with those choices.

We are told by some in the medical and scientific community that these are not children, but simply blobs of matter with cold sounding names like embryos and fetuses, yet we spend millions upon millions in pre-natal care in our health system. If these ‘blobs’ are not humans, why care for them? We do research on corrective procedures to repair these non-humans through medical intervention.

When somebody murders a pregnant woman, they are charged in the death of the ‘child’ as well. When an expectant set of parents sees movement on an ultrasound monitor, they beam with excitement as their ‘child’ kicks and turns.

Have you ever heard a woman say that she felt the fetus kick? I don’t think so.

So, for the past 30 something years, the feminism movement has attempted to sell us on the idea that women are not with child, but with blobs, embryos, and fetuses. With much joy, I proclaim their efforts a dismal failure.

Perhaps we should begin to once again teach our daughters that they have a right to their bodies, and that their bodies are their’s alone. Along the same vein, we must also teach both our sons and daughters that with those rights come huge responsibilities, and that having those tremendous responsibilities is what being an adult is all about.

It is time to stop listening to these groups who profess to speak for women, yet whose actions clearly speak of a disgruntled lot who are more upset at others telling them that there is a right and wrong set of attitudes. The pro-choice crowd is more about rebellious attitudes and non-compliance than it is about a woman’s well being. They have proven that by their self-serving agendas and selfish actions.

It is time, as well, that as opponents to the wholesale slaughter of the unborn, we demand to be heard with the same respect that the other group demands from us. After all, isn’t the mantra of the academic community a free arena of ideas?

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