I am sure by now you have seen pornography on the web. If you are online, (and you are reading this, so you are), and you do any type of searching, you are inevitably going to come across a site which not only contains but also flaunts pornography.

When we hear the term pornography, most of us immediately conjure up images of a man and a woman doing some very intimate things. That, unfortunately, is old school. Why am I writing about this topic? It is sort of a follow up to yesterday’s column on what our daughters are wearing these days. I have seen enough smut come across my screen in the last year to seriously cause me to lurch, and I feel that I have a duty as a parent to try and instill a healthy fear in as many other mothers and fathers as I can.

As well as the internet, porn is now lurking on our televisions, and I am not talking about sex channels. Let me ask you a simple question. Do you know what your children, (and teens, thank you), are watching these days? When I was younger, I loved watching MTV. It had the latest music, and music videos were just evolving from their infancy and sometimes were very well choreographed.

Things have changed a whole lot.

Let me ask you another question, a more pointed one if I may. Would you let your 11 year old son sit down in front of a pornographic movie to watch gay sex, group sex, and the like? If the answer is no, which I hope that it is, then you must become much more involved in your child’s online activities and what they are watching on television.

I had a friend recently hand me a DVD of a few popular pop videos from England. It contained some of the most graphic and suggestive video that I have ever seen on a genre that isn’t considered adult. In fact, when I showed my wife what the kids are watching these days, she blushed. So did I. These are videos from songs that your children are no doubt listening to and they aren’t benign. They are hardcore and elicit the strongest suggestive sex that I can imagine. There are no taboos anymore, for the entertainment industry anyway, and they are intent on getting that message across to your little ones.

Perhaps the world is changing faster than I am, but I don’t think so. Once again, as we allow our children to set the standards in our homes, we are sacrificing their innocence to the new god in our lives, pop culture. The argument from our children is the same as it has always been: “Everybody else watches it.” I am thankful that I am a parent first, and a friend only sometimes. Our home has never seen MTV, nor have my sons. My daughter is now 23 years old, so what she views is now her choice, but as parents, we have only ourselves to blame for what is happening.

If you are adamant that your children do not have access to pornography, I must insist that you tune in to the latest in music videos. For me, the only thing it aroused was my anger. If you think that this stuff isn’t being targeted at Johnny, think again.

If you do not want specifics, close this website, because I cannot stress the point without getting a little graphic. My youngest child, who is 7, loves Crazy Frog. For those who aren’t savvy, Crazy Frog is a little frog who rides an invisible motorcycle while being chased by the authorities in the shape of one grumpy frog-hater. It is an upbeat tempo that goes along to the soundtrack of Beverly Hills Cop and the main song called Axel Foley. It has been a huge success among children worldwide. It can be found at the number 4 spot on the DVD. (No, he doesn’t watch it ‘there’.)

Also to be found is a song called C’est La Vacancies which features a very young girl and some animated characters which come from something called FunTV, obviously a kids channel. That can be found at track 11. In between, you can find threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, bondage, groups, homosexuality, and gender crossing, in no particular order.

Now you have to ask, why would somebody form a compilation of songs which such graphic themes and find in necessary or dare say appropriate to include two videos which are entirely aimed at the under 10 set?

I cannot stress enough the battle that is being waged for the innocence of your child(ren). It is a deliberate movement to have any and all behaviour deemed as acceptable. Taboos are out, and so are guidelines. Our children are being taught Hedonism 101. While a segment of our population has always adopted the “If it feels good, do it” attitude, never before has the message been so strong and directed at our youngest.

If your children are out of sight watching the tube, pop in on them unexpectedly. If they are online, please, keep them in view. We think nothing of spending $50 on an oil change or $100 to go out for dinner with the wife. There are a slew of software programs available for around that price that will monitor where your child goes online, what they typed to get there, what they searched for, and who they talk to and who is talking to them.

If you want, you can also get a program that records keystrokes, such as passwords, and that record all online chat sessions. As well, there are programs Such as NetNanny that will help by blocking websites with objectionable words which can be geared to sexual content as well as many other categories. I must stress, however, that these are not babysitters and parents must wake up.

While it is of course important to trust our children, blind trust is simply stupid. Our government has checks and balances, so does our judicial system. Why not our homes? If we allow Johnny to surf unchecked, we are selling him short and almost assuredly setting him up to fail. Our homes are no longer places of relative safety. Within a nanosecond, Johnny can bring up the most degrading sex acts, can log on to chat with a sex-offender, and can have his innocence sucked away faster than the blink of an eye.

With sexually transmitted disease now stealing the health, fertility, future, and lives of more of our children than ever before, and with so much damage being done to the social health of our kids, we must begin to fight back. Our children are worth it, and they need us.

If your little one is able to surf in relative seclusion, you are inviting disaster, and I can almost guarantee its fruition.

Below are two links you may wish to view.

1) ProtectKids.com, 2)FamilyFirst.net (A MUST read.)

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