Toronto councillor Michael Thompson has done something other Toronto councillors have refused to do in decades. He has used his brain. Yes, this previously unknown member of the city’s council has stepped up and used some common sense. No doubt this has raised a lot of hackles, as common sense hasn’t been seen in this arena for many councils now.

Mr. Thompson, who is a black individual, has proposed that perhaps the Toronto Police force should be pulling over black youths, as apparently our cities gun war / crime wave is being perpetrated by mostly rival black youths fighting each other. It has taken awhile, but it seems that finally someone is on the right track. It reminds me very much of an article that was written on this page July 24, almost a month ago.

These gangs are using the political correctness crowd to be able to hide behind the color of their skin, moving around with impunity as our officers have to stay under the radar of some of our city’s black activists, who no doubt scour the papers and police reports daily looking for some hint of racism, thereby providing themselves with a reason for being. If these activists truly cared and loved the black youth of our city, they would be holding up Mr. Thompson as a true spokesman for black people.

Toronto Police Services Chair Pam O’Connell told CTV Toronto’s Alicia Kay Markson has accused Mr. Thompson of stirring up racism. Actually, Mrs. Markson, it is these gangs that are stirring up racism, as they are causing the citizens of our city to be wary of all black youth and that truly is not fair.

She goes on to say “Scaring all of our black youth is not about getting at the thugs. It’s about racial profiling. It’s very stupid of him to do that and I think he needs to apologize to the community immediately.” While I would like to say something positive as there is enough negative coverage already, I can’t find anything here. This woman truly is out of touch and has none of the above mentioned common sense that I talked about. Mrs. Markson is so wound up in political correctness that she cannot see the sheer stupidity of her statement. I have to wonder who chooses the individuals who chair our police services board.

How do Mr. Thompson’s words scare the black youth of our city? Do young black men still get ‘taken for a ride’ in this city? I don’t think so, not by our police. They do, however, attract bullets, and that is scary. To think that Mr. Thompson’s words have invoked fear is just silly. Further, it is you, Mrs. Markson, who needs to apologize to the community, for your failure to notice the obvious, and for failing to act as necessary for fear of offending a few out of touch activists and leftist whackos.

Mr. Thompson went on to state that his proposal is not racial profiling. Again, he joins Conservative Joe in a common sense statement. We commend Mr. Thompson, who understands that pulling over a man because he is black is racist, but pulling over black youths because black youths are engaged in a gang war is criminal profiling and just makes good sense, and good police work.

Policemen speaking at the National Black Police association’s 33rd conference in Toronto called Thompson’s plan a violation of human rights. So is their conference. Can you imagine what would be written if we hosted a National White Police association conference? We would be accused of turning the clocks back 60 years. What happened to inclusiveness and the idea that we are all equal? These very policemen are perpetuating the racial differences in their ranks.

One attending officer told CTV Toronto. “You cannot stop every black person on the road and call them a criminal. What he’s doing is calling every young black male a criminal.” Mr. Thompson never suggested that these young men be called criminals. Once again, the left is using extremist language to shut down the debate. He is also twisting Mr. Thompson’s words. He never suggested pulling ‘all black people’ over, just the young men as those are the group who are doing the killings.

Personally, if this problem were affecting people of my own demographic, I would be hopeful that the police were doing what needed to be done to bring it to an end. Only then would I feel safe on our streets again. Would I feel targeted being pulled over? No, because I know that I have nothing to hide.

My hat is off to you, Mr. Thompson. You have courage, and the good sense to stand up and say what you believe. You have the intelligence to see the truth, and the compassion to want to do what is needed to stop this senseless violence. This hatred is decimating the next generation of black youth in our city. It must be stopped.

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