When you get into an issue where so many people have differing views on a subject, it is often easier to change the subject than to wade into a drawn out debate. I have never been smart enough to do this, as I like to pry and prod until I can find some sort of closure on a subject.

When it comes to matters of right and wrong, I believe two differing points of view cannot both be correct. While I am not attempting to force my view upon others, I do hope to at least make them stop and think about it.

Take for example the abortion issue, which still today rears its head at each national election. Sometimes mentioned by the politicians, but mostly by the media, whether it is through a reporter or through a special interest group on the fringe that they give a voice to, such as Planned Parenthood.

The whole debate encompasses one very important question. Is the object of all the attention a fetus or a child? In a recent Google web search, the word ‘fetus’ elicited twice the results that ‘unborn child’ did.

There are so many contradictions with this that are never discussed. Why do the headlines in major news stories almost always call the fetus an unborn child? Scott Peterson, the man accused of murdering his pregnant wife, was found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of his ‘unborn child’. How can he be guilty if an unborn child is not a person? The Washington Post this week carried the tragic story of a brain dead woman being kept alive for her ‘unborn child’. How can we justify the expense of this if the unborn child is not a person? ‘Medical advances and breakthroughs are being made routinely to treat ailments and defects in ‘unborn children’. The contradictions go on and on.

Pro abortionists would have us believe that an unborn child is a fetus. It removes the intricate worth that a person has, thus making it easy for us to justify aborting them. We have become so worried about being labeled and accused of wanting to take away womens rights that we have stopped weighing all of the evidence on both sides, and this is not the only issue that it is happening to. I think that if you take a look around with an open heart and an open mind, you will find that the fetus viewpoint is not the correct one. The only contradictions are the ones offered up by the pro-abortion crowd.

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