8 Ways To Get Accepted For A Job After Being Rejected

Job rejections are very difficult to handle. Not only do they tamper with an applicant’s self esteem but they also force him to question his qualifications and credibility. The real game lies in taking rejection constructively and swinging back for more. The way you handle a job rejection can impact your chances for getting accepted by the same company for another position. Many people get accepted for positions they had been already rejected for solely on the basis of how they respond to rejection. This post looks into some ways using which you can get accepted for a job after being rejected:

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8 Ways To Get Accepted For A Job After Being Rejected

1. Maintain composure

The way you react to rejection is very important. In fact, it says more about you and your personality than you did at your interview. If you are forced to face rejection at the venue of the interview, stay calm and thank the informer. Your body language really counts here so irrespective of how discouraged or upset you feel, stand straight and leave with a brisk handshake. Remember to make eye contact with everyone throughout your presence in the company’s office. These little things often go a long way.


2. Write a thank you note

Once you come back, send them a thank you note thanking them for the opportunity they gave you. A thank you note is going to help you in two ways. Firstly, it will show them that you are grateful and courteous. Secondly, an effective ‘thank you’ note will help you to stand out from the other applicants and it might encourage the company to offer you a position if they have any vacancies. A good note will help you to stay on the employer’s radar so that you get a chance at being considered the next time they have a vacancy.


3. Place a call to get feedback

After sending the note, placing a call and speaking to someone in the HR department for some feedback is another good idea. It will bring out your ability handle criticism positively. Requesting a feedback shows confidence, a desire to learn and an eagerness to work on your mistakes. Requesting a feedback also shows a very positive take on life and everything that happens in it. Some people have actually got jobs with companies that had initially rejected them solely on the basis of these qualities and their desire to be different from the other applicants.


4. Sound positive and enthusiastic

When you call the company, make sure you sound positive and enthusiastic about the feedback. You might have to hear things that displease you. You might not even agree to some of the claims but the key to making a good impression is to agree with what they say.


5. Work on your shortcoming

If you agree with any of the shortcomings mentioned by the HR personnel, spend some time and work on them before you make the next move. You can show your eagerness to grow by working on the mentioned mistakes. The way you handle criticism reflects the way you will manage a company or your team so try to set yourself as an example. In fact, working on the feedback will benefit you in your future job hunts as well.


6. Set up a meeting with someone from the HR department

After working on your shortcoming, try to set up a meeting with someone from that company’s HR department to talk about any other vacancies or job opportunities in the company. Let him know (very subtly) that you have worked on the feedback. Show your keenness to work with the company. It will help you to create a memorable impression in front of the HR personnel and it might even help you to befriend him. Networking is very important when it comes to job hunting so don’t miss out on any opportunity. A strong network means strong recommendations. Many people get considered solely on the basis of their references.


7. Keep track of the personnel changes

If you are able to establish good rapport with the HR personnel or if you know someone who works in the company, speak to them at regular intervals to keep track of any changes in personnel. They can also help you to keep track of any other vacancies for the same position. If the person who interviewed you gets transferred, you can always reapply and use the opportunity to create a better first impression. A different interviewer will give you the chance to start afresh.


8. If necessary, hire a recruiter

Recruiters help people to get jobs in the company of their choice and for the position they want so a recruiter might be able to use his contacts to get you the position you were trying for in the company. A recruiter basically works for you to get you your dream job so if you want to get accepted for a job after being rejected, a recruiter might come in handy.