6 Ideas To Meet Men Who Don’t Want Kids

Yes, there are many people out there who don’t want kids. They want to live a carefree life, without any tensions, or responsibilities. They want to live life their way, not the way society expects them to. You have to be financially strong to bring up kids, your lifestyle will undergo a massive change, and many people don’t want to change.

If you are a girl who feels like this, then obviously you have to find a partner who feels that way, too. You must realize that people who don’t want kids are a minority, and difficult to find. Difficult, but not impossible to find. You have to try, and try hard. Here are 6 ways you could meet such men.

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6 Ideas To Meet Men Who Don’t Want Kids

1. Be Up front

Whenever you are dating someone and both of you like each other, make sure you tell him frankly that you do not believe in kids. He may get a shock, but who knows, he may not bother about it. It’s always better to tell your partner right in the beginning of a relationship. If he does not want to continue the relationship, it’s OK. He may introduce you to some one who has the same ideology.

2. Join No Kidding

No Kidding is an International social club for child-free and childless couples. The first chapter of the Club, was started in Vancouver, Canada, in 1984. Since then, nearly every state in the U.S. has one. You could meet similar minded people there.

3. Decide to study further

Many people who want to study and acquire a lot of professional degrees, really don’t think much about family life. Decide to join a Professional Degree Course. You may meet the right person, and decide to marry.

4. Become a social butterfly

Start attending a lot of social functions, and talk about what you feel about getting kids. There may be many people who find you a misfit in society, many who ridicule you, or even keep away from you, but remember you also have a better chance of meeting a person who thinks the way you do.

5. Hunt online

There are many groups and forums that help people with similar ideas and thinking to get together. Join one of them. Be careful though. There are nasty people everywhere, but if you are well prepared, you will not come to any harm. Inform a close friend or relative, where you are going, whom you are going to meet, at what time. Make sure they have your contact number. Arrange to message them every half hour. If they do not get a message from you for an hour they can come to find out, or in extreme cases tell the police.

6. Join hobby groups

There are many people who like to be in professions that are uncommon, and some downright dangerous. For instance, wildlife photography, wildlife research, archeology, war journalism etc. There are many hobby groups, where people who would like to eventually make these a career, meet up. Usually, people who want to take up such careers, are very committed to their careers, they have to be on site/location for long periods, which is not practical if you are a family oriented person. You will usually find couples in these careers, who are married, but don’t want children. Look out for such a group in your locality, or start one. You may not only help yourself, but many, many others like you. Good Luck!