25 Signs Of A Committed Relationship

Is your partner interested in you, or committed to you? When you are interested in doing something, you do it only because circumstances permit, but when you are committed to do something you accept no excuses, only results. Commitment drives you to action.

In relationships, commitment is a two way street. Its team work. Both have to be committed to make the relationship work. If commitment comes from only one partner, then it is the sign of an unhealthy relationship. For most women commitment in a relationship is easier than for men, who don’t like to be pinned down. They prefer freedom. Here are 25 signs of a committed relationship, leading to a happy, fulfilling life.

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25 Signs Of A Committed Relationship

1. Trust

The basic ingredient of a relationship is trust. If you don’t trust each other, it leads to suspicion, doubts, fights and ultimately disaster.

2. Loyalty

Cheating in any form is not acceptable in a relationship. Texting love messages to someone else, (even if you are not in a physical relationship) is a breach of loyalty. You have to be loyal to each other.

3. Respect

Accept the fact that each individual has a certain way of doing things, and certain likes and dislikes. Respect this fact, and don’t mock or ridicule the other person.

4. Honesty

Being open and honest about your past relationships, disclosing facts about any diseases you may have, any major issues that may affect your future , have to be discussed, as the relationship grows deeper and stronger.

5. Acceptance

Nobody is perfect. All of us have our faults and little peeves. It is for the good of the relationship that these are at least overlooked if not accepted.

6. Acknowledgement

Acknowledge that both of you have strengths and weaknesses. As long as the weaknesses do not disturb the harmony of the relationship, it is fine.

7. Affection

Affection is very important in nurturing a relationship. The hugs and kisses, and even a touch are crucial. If your partner shows affection as often as possible, he is more likely to get committed.

8. Show Appreciation

Human beings thrive on recognition and appreciation. When you love someone and are committed to make the relationship work, you need to show appreciation, even if it is for some ordinary mundane reason like cooking a good meal, or fixing the bulb, or mowing the lawn.

9. Attentiveness

Committed people are attentive to their partner’s needs. They listen attentively and offer opinions, guidance, help and advice whenever it is needed.

10. Dependable

A Committed person is dependable. You know your partner is committed to you if you can depend on him for important things like making sure you’re leading a comfortable life, keeping you happy, and taking care of your daily needs.

11. Shows he cares

If you’ve hurt yourself, or are not feeling too well, he’ll rush you to the doctor, buy you your medicines and take care of you. If you’re traveling, he calls often to make sure you’re all right.

12. Co-operation

To make any experience successful, co-operation is essential. You may not entirely agree with the other point of view, but for the sake of the outcome, co-operating and going ahead with the other point of view shows commitment.

13. Availability

However busy you are, if you are committed to another person, you have to be available in an emergency. For this to happen, you may have to take the help of others to make sure you are informed, so you can respond.

14. Eagerness

Eagerness and enthusiastic involvement in any activity, just happens if you love and care for each other. If you are eager to do what is necessary at that moment, it shows you are committed.

15. Efficiency

When your partner asks you to do something, could be something around the house or an outside job like banking or shopping, lack of efficiency will indicate that you are not really bothered, or you don’t care.

16. Empathy

Empathizing with your partner, rather than just showing sympathy is what is required in a relationship. So, in situations which can be devastating to one of you, it’s important to really get into the other person’s shoes to be able to understand the extent of damage and offer to help.

17. Family

When two people get together, very often you hear the comment “We’re marrying each other, not our families”. But for a relationship to grow, it’s important to occasionally accept and spend time with each other’s families, especially on birthdays, and festival days.

18. Financial Awareness

Money makes the world go round, they say. Well if you are not financially stable, it’s better you do not get committed to another person. And if you want to show commitment, you need to try and become financially aware and start making investments to secure the future of your relationship.

19. Gallant

This one is for the man in the relationship. Every woman loves to have a gallant partner, the one who opens doors for her, who offers his arm while walking, who takes up for her in an argument, who defends her, who makes her feel special and very important. If there is no commitment, it is very difficult to do all these things.

20. Thoughtful

Being thoughtful means going out of the way and doing things, like making tea for your partner, watching movies that you may not enjoy, but your partner definitely will, buying flowers and chocolates, and little surprise gifts.

21. Maintains Peace

Arguments are bound to be there in relationships, It’s how you behave after the outburst, that matters. If you really don’t care you’ll get abusive and maybe even violent. You may even walk out and just leave after a real bad one. But on the other hand, you will try to calm down and maintain peace, if the relationship means something to you.

22. Frank

Being frank is one thing. Being rude and mean is another. You need to ensure that you do not hurt your partner’s feelings while giving a frank opinion.

23. Gratefulness

There are many things that people take for granted, once they are more comfortable with each other. Showing gratefulness for everything that both of you do for each other is a sign of a healthy relationship.

24. Talks about the future

Every man wants to protect and provide, and every woman likes to be protected and taken care of. A man who is committed will talk about kids, your views on bringing up kids, what is your idea of a home, and how both of you can have a happy, meaningful life together.

25. Proposal and Marriage

Finally, when he makes the ultimate commitment. The day when he actually proposes, and you’ll announce the engagement to everybody, and decide the date of your marriage. Every little thing that both of you practiced and did during the period of your relationship, has resulted in this wonderful union. Make sure you stay committed and life will be wonderful.