20 Cheap Vacation Ideas for Couples

The need for a vacation comes from the want of enjoying some quality time with people who matter to you. Just because you are looking for an affordable vacation shouldn’t kill the mood. You don’t have to go broke in order to spend some fun moments with your partner. After all, vacations are a time to relax and have fun without worrying about anything. They are meant to be magical and full of beautiful moments. To ease things out, here is a list of ideas that can help you to make your vacation affordable and fun!

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20 Cheap Vacation Ideas for Couples

1. Plan a road trip

Road trips can be a great way to have a vacation that goes easy on the wallet. It gives plenty of time and opportunity to get to know your partner even better and the unpredictability of the entire vacation adds up to the fun. You can find motels so lodging in the night won’t be a problem either and it’s an experience every couple should share.

2. Make a list of affordable destinations

The best way to have a cheap vacation is to first note down your target areas. Some places are cheaper than others so go online and look for them. Poconos in Pennsylvania is one such option. Once you choose a place, look for some good hotel deals and you will be all set to go!

3. Visit a state fair

State fairs can be a welcome change from all the stereotypical vacation plans. Some states such as Arizona and Alaska have fairs post summer so you can include them in your travel plans. If you aren’t up for state fairs, you can also participate in town or district fairs and if both of you like to pig out, a fair is just about the best place for you because food is always one of the primary attractions.

4. Use the public transportation system

Another great idea for going on a vacation would be to use the public mode of transportation instead of taxis or cabs. They cost less and are faster. It’s a great way to save money which will in turn make the vacation cheaper.

5. Plan a cruise

Who says a cruise has to be expensive? Book a romantic cruise for the two of you at the right time and you can have your dream vacation with her at a much more affordable price. Have some foresight and try to book your tickets in advance. Avoid going out during the holiday season and spring break since the prices are usually sky high during that period.

6. Become a local

If you are travelling to another country, mix with the local crowd and be one of them. Talk to them about affordable places to stay in or good places to eat. Avoid restaurants where tourists go because the cost of food is usually higher there. Make a few friends and who knows, you might even get a dinner invite!

7. Go camping

Camping trips are a great way to get closer to your partner. It is not one of those super luxurious vacations but if both of you like some adventure, escaping to the woods can be a great option when planning an inexpensive vacation. With activities like hiking and dinner under the stars by the campfire, such a trip can satisfy your desire for romance as well as adventure.

8. Travel to a place where the US dollar holds more value

Plan a trip to a country where the US dollar is of greater value than their currency. That will automatically make the trip less expensive.

9. Look for an all inclusive vacation package

All inclusive packages are a good way to plan a trip because you can get an accurate estimate of how much the trip will cost before you make the decision. Such packages might include airfares, visa costs, lodging, breakfast and sightseeing. With so many companies competing for your business, chances are, you will get a good deal from at least one of them.

10. Stay in a hostel

Hostels are an easy and affordable place to stay in many countries and even though they were traditionally meant for backpackers, things have changed. Hostels today are upgraded, hygienic and they offer a lot of facilities so it’s not a bad way to save a little money and make your vacation cheaper.

11. Take a trip around your own town/city

If you haven’t been to the hot-spots around your town/ city, this can be your opportunity to explore it with your partner. Vacations don’t always have to mean exotic locales. Book two seats with your local tourist bus provider and embark on a fresh journey!

12. Take a trip to Florida

If you are interested in going to the beach for your next vacation, go to Florida instead of Miami. Florida is a much cheaper option so you can unwind without worrying about money.

13. Take a trip during the off season

Since tourists are rare and few, off season trips are always more affordable. Whether you make your reservations through a travel agent or on your own, it will cost you a lot less.

14. Try home swapping

If you are keen on visiting a new place with your partner but running short of cash, consider the option of home exchanges. Thousands of people have been participating in home exchanges and there haven’t been many cases of damage to property so they are safe enough. Find someone who is interested in visiting your town/city and swap houses with them. That way, your lodging will be completely free of cost!

15. Take a trip to a national park

National Parks can be very affordable for couples vacationing on a budget. Usually, you only have to pay for lodging and food. Apart from that, you can go for hiking, take nature walks and enjoy the other attractions of the national park without any additional cost.

16. Book the air fares in advance

Booking air fares months in advance for a round trip will always cost less. If you contact a travel agent, he can get you air fares at affordable prices but you should visit websites on your own to make an estimate of round trip fares before you contact a travel agent to make sure you get a fair deal.

17. Have a mini vacation

If a regular vacation is expensive for you at the moment, plan a mini vacation over the weekend. Spending two days in a place is very affordable and you can have quite a lot of fun with all the money you may save!

18. Plan a last minute trip

Last minute trips can be very economical for couples looking for an affordable vacation. You can save the money intended for the trip and talk to travel agents for any discounts available on such trips. Travel agents usually have some empty seats so getting a discount isn’t that difficult.

19. Go to B & B

Another great option for couples is a bed and breakfast. They are cheap but with all the activities some B & B’s plan for their guests; it can be a lot of fun. Just make sure you do sufficient research about the B & B you intend to visit and speak to the owners to check with them before you go there.

20. Stay at your parent’s house

This is probably the last resort for couples who are on a very tight budget. If your parents live in another state and you can convince them to go for a short trip of their own, going to their house for a vacation might not be a bad idea.