15 Ways To Stop Being Nervous Around The Guy You Like

It’s quite natural to feel giddy around someone you like because of the propensity for emotions his presence creates. However, you also need to know that he is just another guy and if you ever want to get closer to him, you will have to buckle up and get rid of your nervousness. You may find the following list helpful for the same purpose:

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15 Ways To Stop Being Nervous Around The Guy You Like

1. Understand that both of you are equal in all characteristics

The first thing to remember when dealing with ‘guy jitters’ is that he is just another person so there is no need to act nervous around him. You like him so you consider him as special but there is no logical reason to feel intimidated by him.

2. Look as amazing as you can

Try to dress as nicely as you can whenever you meet him or you go to a place where he is supposed to be. Wear a nice dress, put a coat of mascara on your eyelashes and apply blush on your cheeks. If you dress attractively around him, you will feel at par with him and thus, you will feel more confident.

3. Don’t look into his eyes

Usually, things get very confusing when people make eye contact with someone they like or admire. A lot can be read and assumed on the basis of the way a person behaves after his/her eyes meet the eyes of someone they fancy. So, as a precautionary measure, don’t make eye contact with him unless you know you can maintain a calm composure.

4. Think about what you will talk to him about beforehand

If you know that you will have to make conversation with him at some point of time during the course of the evening or if you are looking forward to talking to him, think about things you can talk to him about. Being prepared can really help you to combat any nervousness.

5. Get to know about him

It’s easier to start and continue a conversation if you know something about that person. Try to get to know his likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests. Having conversation material ready with you will help you to determine what you can talk to him about. If you get to know more about him, it might help you to relate to him thereby giving your confidence level the much required boost.

6. Don’t fake it

Whatever you do, don’t pretend to be someone you are not. If you try to act all cool to get his attention, you will have to pretend to be that person whenever he is around. Since that is not a part of your intrinsic nature, you will feel even more nervous because you will have to think about new lies to support your fake personality.

7. Stop expecting too much too soon

Many of us get nervous thinking about what’s going to happen next after the initial conversation. However, such thoughts are a waste of time and energy because nothing happens in one night. So, stop worrying yourself by thinking about your next step and adding more jitters to your existing nervousness.

8. Give yourself some pep talk

Give yourself a positive pep talk whenever you feel nervous in his presence. Tell yourself that you are an amazing girl, he is just another boy, he will reciprocate your feelings and there is no reason for you to feel nervous around him. A pep talk can do wonders for your self esteem and your confidence level so just say positive things.

9. Have faith in yourself

The sole reason why people tend to feel nervous around someone they like is because they feel under confident and lose faith in themselves. They start seeing the other person as important but in the process, they end up forgetting their own worth. You know that you have enough qualities in you to attract the best of guys so don’t let one guy make you feel so nervous.

10. Show your best attributes

Show yourself off around him. Feel proud to be everything that you are. Once you feel proud of your own achievements and talent, nervousness around him will stop becoming an issue.

11. Let him be non existent for some time

Learn to ignore his presence. By ignoring his presence for some time, you will not be ignoring him entirely. But, you will save yourself from the unnecessary jitters his presence causes. It will help you to feel more relaxed.

12. Think about things apart from him

Whenever his thoughts become overwhelming, try to divert your mind by thinking about other things or other people. The more you allow him to occupy your mind when he’s around, the more worked up you’ll get so try to channelize your mind in other directions.

13. Take a break whenever you feel overwhelmed with nervousness

Whenever the nervousness gets too much for you, take leave of him for a couple of minutes and go to a comparatively secluded spot so as to get some time alone. Take a few deep breaths and calm yourself before you go and talk to him again.

14. Have your friends with you

Friends can be a huge source of support and strength when dealing with any guy related jitters. Friends provide a lot of encouragement and moral support. In addition to that, having your friends around can boost your confidence level because the nervousness is primarily psychological and having friends close-by creates a reassuring feeling.

15. Talk to him

If none of the other ideas have worked for you, the only way to get rid of the nervousness is by facing the guy himself. Talk to him and establish a friendship with him. You will find your nervousness slowly melting away as you get to know him better.