15 Ways to Spend an Amazing Holiday with Your Partner

15 Ways to Spend an Amazing Holiday with Your PartnerWith outrageously busy schedules and heavily taxing work pressures, what could be more relaxing than an amazing holiday with your partner? Sometimes you’re just too accustomed with a boring daily routine that you just tend to ignore relaxation and rejuvenation. And who at such times could be better company than your partner? A well planned holiday even to the nearest island or town with your loved one could be just the ideal way to sit back and let yourself loose. Even if it lasts just for the weekend, a good holiday maybe just the right thing that you require to charge you up for the next few months. So, while working non stop for long hours and months, it would definitely be a good idea to take some time out and plan a good holiday with your partner. Here are a few tips you could keep in mind while you’re planning this little sabbatical.

1. Choose the perfect destination

Selecting the right place for your holiday is the first and most important step. Look into your pocket, know your budget well and try to make the best possible use of your resources. Make sure you consult your partner or at least know what he/she wishes for a good experience.

2. Time to say goodbye to phones and laptops

Work can take a backseat now. This is the time you’ve taken out to sit back, to enjoy and to let loose. Given the fact that you’re with your partner, make sure you both spend some quality time with each other doing things that you both love doing. It would be foolish to carry your laptops and attend business calls while you’ve decided to break free. So, be sure to bid farewell to these gadgets for a while as this time most definitely belongs to your partner.

3. Pack wisely

This is the time to get back those goggles or get a tan if heading for a beach destination or get hold of those pullovers or mufflers if choosing a hill station. While on a holiday, its best to carry less but carry what is most required. So, make wise decisions and pack accordingly.

4. Pamper yourself and your partner

It’s time to de- stress and let your hair down so it would be a good idea to go in for a head massage, a good foot reflexology or a spa. After busy work schedules, the best you could do is pamper yourself and your partner with a good spa or a massage.

5. Get romantic

If you’re on a holiday with your partner, he/she must feel special and important. This is the right time to bring the Romeo’s and the Juliet’s out in you. For the gentlemen, it would be great if you could make your lady a meal and dine together in candlelight. The ladies could use scented candles or essential oils and incense in your bedrooms. The relaxing scents are sure to put you in that proper mood and relax you.

6. Chocolates

Bring out the child in you and gorge or just play on with mouthwatering and delicious chocolates. Chocolates can lighten up the spirits and are sure to destress you.

7. Long walks or long drives

While with your partner in a different destination, what could be better than a long walk or a long drive if you have the facility of a car? If not, then a long walk too can do wonders and is yet again a great way to discuss, to talk or just look around together.

8. Coffee

Chatting in the night over a cup of hot or cold coffee can again bring out a number of topics that you may not discuss every day. So, it would form the ideal base for the perfect conversation.

9. Lie down, enjoy nature

In your daily busy schedule, you tend to ignore the beauty of nature and the innumerable things that she has to offer. So, relax, feel the breeze, breathe in the fresh air or just lie down on the grass beneath the trees and enjoy nature.

10. Go out for shopping

If on a holiday, you may like to indulge in buying a few things here and there. Visit the local shops or just roam around the streets and pick up local stuff if you don’t wish to empty your pockets too much.

11. Get drunk

You know that you’re with your partner and you know you want to break free. So just forget everything, get down a few pegs and just get drunk!

12. Catch up on a good movie

You may not have had the time to sit back, relax and watch a good movie. This would be an ideal time to catch up on a few of the missed movies or maybe watch an old, close to the heart film together and relive some special moments.

13. Get adventurous

A perfect holiday calls for some good adventure. If you have been having dreams of bungee jumping, rock climbing or para- gliding maybe it’s the right time for you to get the adventurous you out with your partner.

14. Keep it short

An ideal holiday need not necessarily be a long one, rather, it should be a short one leaving you with some great moments and some indelible memories with your partner. Rather than making it long, it would be a better idea to keep it short and crisp.

15. Avoid peak travel dates or extremely crowded locations

It’s important to choose the right dates and the right place. Too much crowd or rush hours may not be a great idea and may tamper with your privacy, so make sure you take a wise decision.
So, just break free from those busy hours and spend some quality time with your partner.