15 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Loved

We all want to make our partners feel loved and taken care of but that’s easier said than done. In reality, a lot of effort goes behind developing such a realization so be ready for your share of hard work. Here are a few things you can do to make your girlfriend feel loved:

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15 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Loved

1. Tell her she’s pretty instead of sexy

Guys usually prefer calling their girlfriends sexy but deep down, what a girl really wants to hear from her boyfriend is that she’s cute and pretty. Calling her pretty will help her to realize that you love her on a deeper level. ‘Sexy’ just has a lot of physicality associated with it.

2. Smile whenever you look at her

Girls love it when their boyfriends smile and talk. They look like they are completely and madly in love with their girlfriends so if you want your girlfriend to feel loved, this is what you have to do. Whenever you speak to her, have a huge smile on your face. Let her know how happy she makes you.

3. Surprise her once in a while

Who doesn’t like surprises? Everyone does. So, make sure you surprise her with your gestures every now and then. Plan a special date for her and do things to make her feel like she owns the world. Treat her like a princess on your date. Nothing can make a girl feel more loved than a boyfriend who goes the extra mile to make her feel good.

4. Take active interest in her hobbies

Show some interest in the things she likes, even if you aren’t fond of them yourself. Go out of your way because you will have to make some extra effort if you want her to feel loved. Girls love doing things with their boyfriends so try to be a part of her life in your own way.

5. Compliment her every now and then

A girl loves to be complimented at every step but that doesn’t mean you should keep complimenting her all the time. All I mean to say is that tell her she looks pretty but when you say it, mean it. Say something nice about her at least twice a day.

6. Send her romantic self-written poems

Even though we have transcended into the age of emails, the usual snail mail has it’s own charm and glory. Write a love poem to her and have it delivered to her address with a bunch of her favorite flowers. That is definitely going to make her feel loved. Girls basically look for the amount of effort a guy is willing to make more than the outcome itself so keep this in mind.

7. Tell her that you love her

Three simple words can make an insane amount of difference to a girl. Tell her how much you love her. Don’t over do it though but what can be a better way to make your girlfriend feel loved than telling her so yourself?

8. Try to keep her happy all the time

Try to do as many things as you can to make her happy. If she wants to see a movie, take her to the multiplex. If she wants to eat at a certain place, surprise her by taking her there. There isn’t a lot that is required to keep a girl happy. All she looks for are gestures and since you know that now, put this knowledge to some good use!

9. Give her a lot of presents

Every girl has a huge list of things that she really really wants. So, if your girlfriend happens to casually mention that she wants to buy a particular thing, buy it for her. Give her small gifts randomly to let her know how much you love her. Include stuffed animals and flowers in your list of presents.

10. Be patient and don’t get angry at her

The way you behave with her is very important. Control your temper around your girlfriend and learn the art of being patient. Don’t shout at her if something goes wrong because that will only scare her away. Be calm, patient and understanding when you deal with her.

11. Shower her with attention

Every girl wants to be the most important person for her boyfriend so give your girlfriend as much attention as she wants and never give another girl more attention when she’s around. Be careful about this or you might end up in trouble.

12. Let her know that you think about her

If you want her to feel loved, you have to tell her how much you think of her and miss her all the time. Girls love it when a guy tries to share his sentiments so try to be proactive in sharing yours.

13. Listen to her when she speaks

Girls usually have a lot to talk about so be a good listener and give appropriate responses when your girlfriend talks to you about something. Girls have an ability to figure out when someone pretends to listen to them so be careful.

14. Take her out on fun dates

Dates can be the best way to make your girlfriend feel loved. Whenever you take her out on a date, plan it really well and make sure you include romantic things in it like lazy boat rides, candle light dinners or dancing.

15. Be loyal to her

Nothing can express love like loyalty and loyalty doesn’t really need any explanation. Be faithful to her and don’t break her trust. She will definitely understand how much you love her.