15 Tips on How to Avoid a Second Date

How often have you wished you were somewhere else while out on a date? Maybe the conversation was boring, or both of you just didn’t have anything in common. Maybe there was just no chemistry. Maybe you were completely put off with his mannerisms.

What ever the reason, its pointless going out on a second date if there were no sparks flying. The problem arises when your date was happily unaware of your feelings. He actually enjoyed the date and wants to take you out again! So, how do you avoid that second date? Here are some crazy, silly things that you can do to avoid that second date, and make sure he won’t call you again.

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15 Tips on How to Avoid a Second Date

1. Keep talking about your ex

Talk excitedly about your ex. How handsome he was, and what a great guy he was in bed. Then casually add that unfortunately he caught you with his best friend, and that was the end of the relationship. Think aloud – maybe you should have been more discreet that time.

2. Compare him to your dad

Look at him and say “Oh, my god! You look so much like my dad! What did you say your family name is? Maybe we are related. How amusing that would be. Maybe my dad and yours are long lost brothers. That would make us brother and sister, right?”

3. Keep preening

Don’t pay any attention to what he’s saying. Keep opening your bag, fishing for your mirror. Then keep preening, turning your face this way and that. Occasionally, turn to him and say “Am I looking good? Do you think I should have worn a different color lipstick?”

4. Keep talking on your mobile

Keep talking on your mobile in an animated way, enjoying your conversation. For added effect, excuse yourself and disappear for some time. Apologize profusely and start eating as soon as you come back. Focus on the food and talk only about the food.

5. Walk up to your friends

If you happen to see your friends in the same restaurant, walk up to them, pull up a chair and get into a cheerful conversation with the. Then come over to your table and don’t apologize, act as if what you did was perfectly normal and then point to each of your friends and start talking about them.

6. Ask your friends to join you

A better idea would be to go up to their table, and ask them to join you. This is guaranteed to completely put him off! Be careful, if you overdo it, he may walk off, letting you foot the bill. But it’s better than putting up with him.

7. Tell him about your kids

If you find that your date is a complete turn off, talk to him about how difficult it is for you to handle your twins. You are always short of money, your ex husband never bothers about their well being, so you are really anxious to marry a rich man.

8. Order all the expensive food

Scan the right side of the menu card, and order the most expensive food available. Ask him if it’s okay to order for him too, and don’t bother asking for his preferences.

9. Blame your ex

As much as you hate your ex, use him one last time to help you get rid of a “future ex.” Tell your date that you’re completely off relationships, your ex was a real jerk, you will never again trust men, so sorry, I’m here.

10. Switch partners while dancing

When you are dancing with him, make sure you switch partners, and enjoy dancing with the others. Go up to the band, grab the mike and dedicate a song to your ex – saying you wish he were here with you today. Go back to the dance floor and dance with others.

11. Introduce him as your cousin

If you meet your friends or acquaintances, introduce him to them as your cousin, and go on to explain which aunt and which uncle and what they do etc. When he tries to protest, interrupt him and explain that he actually hates to talk about his parents.

12. Keep whining

Keep complaining about everything, the weather, the waitress, the people sitting on the neighboring tables, the washrooms, the food, the service in the restaurant and even the name of the place.

13. Hail a cab

As soon as you’ll finish the meal and get out of the restaurant, or get out of the theater, don’t wait for him to drop you home. Just hail a cab, get in, wave goodbye and go away, just like that, without saying thank you or goodbye.

14. Be honest

If you cannot be rude, be honest. Be civil during the date, smile politely, and converse naturally. Don’t talk about personal things. And when it’s time to leave, be honest. Say that it was nice meeting him, thank him for the meal, but you don’t find anything in common with him so goodbye.

15. Don’t take his call

If you are just not able to handle doing any of the things mentioned above, and you grinned and patiently sat through the meal, make sure you don’t answer his call, the next time. It may be difficult for you to say “No”, so simply avoid his call. He’ll get the message.