15 Things to Do in Austin

Austin is the capital of Texas. It is called the Live Music capital of the world. First time visitors to the city will be pleasantly surprised to be entertained by live music bands as they walk through Austin’s airport. Live music is everywhere in Austin. There are nearly 200 live music venues in Austin.

Gourmet food, thrifty shopping, outdoor recreation, biking and hiking trails, swimming in spring fed waters, Austin is a wonderful place to have an adventurous, crazy, fun filled vacation. Hiking, Biking, Go karting, Swimming, Trekking, free theater, free open air movies, Austin has it all.

15 Things to Do in Austin

1. Keep Austin Weird

Once a year Austine’s celebrate the Keep Austin Weird Festival when everyone celebrates the quirks that keep Austin weird like the local live bands. And it is a family friendly festival where even children are welcome.


2. The Barton Springs Pool

The Barton Springs Pool is a natural limestone pool fed by several underground springs. It is an amazing big, country pool with crystal clear water in the middle of a big city. The facilities (bathroom and changing rooms) are clean and good, and it also has a small picnic area. There are lots of activities for children too.


3. The Naked Bike Ride

Yes, Austinites go out of their way to keep Austin Weird. You can join their Naked Bike ride, which they say is a way to promote a positive body image, an opportunity for people to express themselves and some exercise too. Participants pay $10 and get some privacy, a locker to keep their clothes safe, and body paint. Those who do not want to pay can join the group at a particular point on the route.


4. Formula 1

All Systems go for Austin 2012. The United States Grand Prix Formula 1 race is scheduled to be held In Austin in Nov 2012. If you are lucky go for the Formula 1 Expo which is an opportunity for you to interact with experienced racers, get a close look at the amazing racing cars, and learn more about the sport. You’ll have hands on experiences, and even see what it feels like to get behind the wheels of a Formula 1 car on simulator.


5. K1 Speed

Experience the thrill of go-karting at K1 Speed. Any one who loves the thrill of speeding will love driving the crazy go karts here. Even children can race in a safe and controlled environment. The junior electric go karts have seat belts, roll bars and automatic shut offs in case of an emergency.


6. Texas Sake´

Austin is full of events and festivals. Texas Sake´ is a wine made from locally grown rice. Celebrate at their Kura (brewery) for an evening of great live music, great food and delicious sake´


7. Zilker Hillside Theater

Can you imagine watching Shakespeare for free and outdoors? Well head to the Zilker Hillside Theater. You never know, what’s in store for you. Disney’s masterpieces or Shakespeare? Make sure you go prepared with chairs and blankets and maybe even a picnic basket.


8. Movies in the Park

One of the most popular events in Austin is the Free Movies in the Park. Imagine watching a movie under the Open Sky. The crowds are quite decent, and sometimes there are group activities like Yoga before the show.


9. Enjoy great Seafood

If you love seafood then don’t miss eating out at Turf ‘n Surf’s Po’ Boy. This trailer at 2nd and Congress is actually a decked up rusted old container ship. The tacos and Po’ boys are awesome, and the even though the food is a little pricey, it’s worth every penny.


10. The Pecan Street Festival

The Pecan Street Festival is the largest art festival attracting over 3000,000 people! It is a street fair with music, art, jewelry, kids’ activities, and great stuff! You’ll have an amazing time with uniquely Austin attractions. And of course, great food too!


11. Austin Dog Fair

Even dogs have fun in Austin. There is a social event for dogs. Lots of cool events and contests like Frisbee catching, and hilarious ones for ugly dogs and dogs who look like their owners. And there’s a Vet and a Dog Trainer at the Fair to answer questions.


12. The Wild Basin Nature Preserve and Allen Park

Allen Park has offers some great views of Austin. It’s quite small, and never very crowded. If you like hiking, it’s a great place to go to. The trail is very well kept, and has several picnic tables at lovely spots for you to sit down and eat from your picnic basket. The Wild Basin Nature Preserve also features great scenery and hiking and Biking Trails


13. The Austin Zoo

The Austin Zoo & Animal Sanctuary is a private zoo, that rescues exotic animals and serves the Austin community. There are Big Cats, Reptiles, Birds, Amphibians, Monkeys, Domestic Animals and Mammals,


14. Trapeze Austin

Fly on the trapeze and experience sheer exhilaration. Learn the art of flying trapeze with a 2 hour class facilitated by excellent passionate and very supportive people. You can stand on the edge, jump off, fly through the air and either get caught mid flight or land on a bouncy net.


15. Rock About Climbing Adventures

Rock climbing exercises your mind and body. Whether you are climbing for the first time or you want to build on your skills, have an amazing rock climbing experience at Rock About classes. The instructors are experienced and skilled, and very safety conscious. You also have amazing views from every point they select.