12 Signs That Tell You a Man is Serious About You

It’s so easy to tell when a woman is in love. Women show their feelings openly, probably because by nature they are quite chatty and are good communicators. However it’s very difficult to be certain that a man is really serious about you. He may date you, buy gifts for you, but is he really serious? Is he the man who’ll lead you to the altar?

Every woman who is dating a man she is very serious about, is dying to know whether he is, too. Well, there are a lot of little special things a man does, and signs he gives to show that he is serious. Here are some 12 signs that tell you a man is serious about you:

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12 Signs That Tell You a Man is Serious About You

1. He calls many times a day

When a guy is serious he is always calling you to ask mundane things like when did you wake up? What did you have for breakfast? What you are doing etc. And he will insist that you call him up too, or at least message him.

2. He celebrates important days with you

When your guy is serious, he’ll make sure he’s there with you on every special occasion, besides your birthday. He’ll be there for your dad’s or mom’s or grandparent’s birthday too! And of course on Christmas and New Year Day, as well as your sibling’s graduation day ceremony.

3. Buys surprise Gifts

He’ll make it a point to surprise you with gifts. If he is out on a business trip, he’ll buy you a souvenir from the place, and lots of other things too. He’ll pamper you with your favorite perfumes and books, and all the quirky things you like besides the usual chocolates and flowers. And they will all come with handwritten love notes.

4. Is concerned about you

Your man is serious when he is really concerned about every little thing that happens to you, The back ache, or sniffle, or a stomach infection. He’ll rush you to the doctor, make sure to get rest, and will keep calling you to find out if you’re okay.

5. He’s concerned about your career

He’s by your side if you’ve had a bad day at work, and gives a shoulder to cry on if your boss has been nasty to you. He listens patiently to you. Is constantly asking you about your career and offers advice when needed.

6. Plans trips with you

There’s not a single recreational activity he will do without you. He takes you to the theater, or concerts. Goes bowling, swimming and trekking with you. Plans sudden exciting getaways to exotic hideouts. He enjoys spending every moment with now.

7. He introduces you to his family

It is universally accepted that when a man takes you home to introduce you as his girlfriend to his family means he’s keen on taking the relationship to the next level. He’ll introduce you to his friends, not just to show off, but to ensure that his friends get to know you and like you, just as he would want you to like his friends. It’s for the same reason that he wants to meet your friends too.

8. Uses the gifts you give him

He’ll make it a point to wear the shirts you gifted him, and to show you that’s he’s worn it. He’ll use every gift you gave him with a lot of pride. He’ll even take you shopping so you could choose things for him. He wants to involve you in every little thing in his life.

9. Gets Upset easily

Your man is serious when he gets really upset if he has not seen you or spoken to you even for a day. He will keep you updated about his plans and whereabouts, and will make sure you do to. He won’t mind you being with your friends, as long as you keep him informed, just as he keeps you informed if he’s out drinking with his friends.

10. Has eyes only for you

When you’re at a social gathering, he has eyes only for you, even if there are a lot of other sexy women around. He’s always there by your side, not only to keep unwanted men away, but also to send a clear signal to the girls that he’s not available.

11. Knows what your favorites are

He’s genuinely interested in knowing everything about you. Not just the usual dreams and goals, but things like your favorite relative, the place you were born, the school you went to, the books you read, the movies you watch, and the songs you like

12. He seeks your opinion

Your guy is serious about you when he discusses his career with you. He discusses his past and the future. He is never vague or evasive. He respects you and is a good listener. And most importantly, he seeks your opinion on everything that matters to him.